School Psychology Forum

School Psychology Forum: NASP's Frontier for Bridging Research to Practice

Steven R. Shaw and Sarah E. Glaser

Volume 4 Issue 4,

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ABSTRACT: School Psychology Forum: Research in Practice (SPF) is the National Association of School Psychologists’s (NASP) online scholarly refereed journal. SPF is a unique outlet for making high-quality research and scholarship accessible and relevant to the practice of professional school psychology. Recently, several changes have taken place regarding the journal’s goals in bridging research to practice, as well as bridging scholarly endeavors with the wider professional community. To state it simply, part of this mission focuses on a single word within the journal’s title: forum. SPF is a professional forum for hosting the scholarly treatment of current clinical, legal, school, policy, practice, and professional issues, while also offering an interactive environment for scholars, school psychologists, educators, policy makers, students, and other professionals to generate discussion regarding these issues. We encourage NASP members and other professionals to contribute to the SPF