School Psychology Forum

An Exploration of School Psychologists' Beliefs About Effective Leadership Practice in School Psychology

David Shriberg, Mary Satchwell, Lauren McArdle, and Jennifer Mills James

Volume 4 Issue 4,

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ABSTRACT: Although often implied and increasingly stated as a necessary skill for school psychologists, the concept of leadership as applied to effective school psychology practice has been understudied. Leaders in the field of school psychology (N = 89) were surveyed regarding how they would define leadership through a school psychology lens, what the primary characteristics and behaviors of effective school psychology leaders are, and in what topic areas is leadership most expected from school psychologists. Findings indicate that central to a definition of school psychology leadership is the ability to achieve positive outcomes for students and systems. Additionally, participants indicate that effective school psychology leaders are characterized by being competent, knowledgeable, and possessing strong interpersonal skills and personal character. Finally, respondents indicate that leadership is expected of school psychologists across numerous domains of practice, particularly in aca