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Persistent Social–Emotional Symptoms Following a Concussion: Recommendations for School Psychology Practice

By Elana R. Bernstein & Susan C. Davies

pp. 106–117

General Issue

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ABSTRACT: Concussions can result in a constellation of physical, cognitive, and social– emotional symptoms, most of which resolve within 1 to 2 weeks following the injury. In some instances, social–emotional difficulties following concussion persist, causing ongoing distress and psychosocial impairments. It is important that school psychologists understand the nature of these symptoms, as well as ways in which they can support students who are recovering from concussions. As part of a collaborative concussion team, school psychologists can provide valuable insight into the complex interaction of symptoms that may present following a concussion. This article summarizes the existing literature on persistent social–emotional effects of concussions and provides recommendations for school psychologists with regard to consultation, assessment, and intervention for this underserved population of students.