School Psychology Forum

Research to Practice in School Psychology: Challenges Ahead and the Role of NASP’s School Psychology Forum

By Steven R. Shaw

General Issue, pp. 340–348

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ABSTRACT: The goal of School Psychology Forum is to promote and disseminate research-topractice scholarship for the benefit of school psychologists in their clinical practice. This goal has evolved from a desired practice to a mandatory component of any clinical practice. Research to practice is of importance as the concept of evidence-based practice is codified in federal law, American Psychological Association standards for practice, and the Canadian Psychological Association standards for practice. Although there is a consensus that evidence-based practice presents a positive direction for service delivery in school psychology, there remains a stubborn and significant gap between research and clinical practice. Reasons for this gap are identified. In addition, suggestions for improving the credibility, robustness, and approaches to evaluation and implementation of clinical research are provided. School Psychology Forum is an excellent outlet for the publication of credible studies with strong research design to narrow the gap between research and practice.