School Psychology Forum

Identifying School Psychologists’ Intercultural Sensitivity

By Olivia E. Puyana & Oliver W. Edwards

General Issue, pp. 410–421

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ABSTRACT: School psychologists are encouraged to analyze their intercultural sensitivity because they may be subject to personal attitudes and beliefs that pejoratively influence their work with students and clients who are culturally and linguistically diverse (CLD). However, gaps remain in the literature regarding whether school psychologists are prepared to effectively, efficiently, and equitably educate students considered CLD. Although intercultural sensitivity is described as advancing educators’ ability to competently educate CLD students, a paucity of empirical research is available about intercultural sensitivity and school psychology. This study is a first- step endeavor to fill the research gap by examining a random and representative sample of 148 school psychologists in Florida using the Intercultural Sensitivity Scale (ISS). The findings suggest the ISS can help school psychologists evaluate their intercultural sensitivity. The findings also suggest school psychologists’ intercultural sensitivity differs based on demographic variables. Recommendations for consultation practices with the ISS are provided.