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Introduction to the Special Issue: Improving Student Outcomes: Research on School Climate and Violence Prevention and Intervention

By Leandra Parris, Tamika P. La Salle, Kris Varjas & Joel Meyers

pp. 1—3

School Climate and Violence Prevention and Intervention

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ABSTRACT: Today’s youth experiences violence in both their school and their communities. Research has shown that students’ mental health and academic performance can be affected by multiple forms of violence, such as bullying and the criminal sexual exploitation of children. Further, how safe a student feels at school can be affected by his or her feelings of school climate. The purpose of the current special issue is to highlight research across these topics that has been conducted through the Center for Research on School Safety, School Climate, and Classroom Management. This introduction will outline the goals and objectives of the Center, the importance of this work to the field of school psychology, and briefly describe the relevance of the articles included in this special issue.