School Psychology Forum

Important Considerations in the Selection of Progress-Monitoring Measures for Classroom Behaviors

Amy M. Briesch and Robert J. Volpe

Volume 1 Issue 2,

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Abstract: The 2001 No Child Left Behind Act reestablished the necessity of interventions and measures that are scientifically based, which means that these interventions and measures produce reliable and valid knowledge. However, few suggestions have been provided with regard to what measures are best suited for progress monitoring. This is particularly true in the realm of nonacademic classroom behaviors. The identification of appropriate progress-monitoring measures is made especially difficult by the fact that such measures must be both technically adequate and feasible for applied usage. In this article a framework is presented to aid in the selection of appropriate assessment measures for monitoring the progress of classroom behaviors. It is argued that the selection process must involve a balance between concerns related to the appropriate measurement of behavior (e.g., scope of assessment, psychometric properties of assessment measures) and concerns related to feasibility and ac