2020 Convention News

Tips for Writing Effective Learning Objectives


p. 32

Volume 47 Issue 6

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Alearning objective should include a measurable verb (e.g., describe, design, assess, apply, explain, analyze) and focus on the learner. For example: “This session will help participants present and advocate the use of the NASP Practice Model to their local board of education.”

A good rule to follow is starting all of your learning objectives with a stem statement such as: “This session will help participants _________.” Learning objectives should be no longer than 20 words, not including the stem statement. One- to two-hour sessions should have three learning objectives. Activities that last 3 or more hours should identify three to five objectives.

We encourage presenters to consider including a specific objective that links the content to the NASP Practice Model, such as: “This session will help participants describe how __________ fits into a comprehensive role as outlined by the NASP Practice Model.”

The following are common errors made in writing learning objectives:

  • Simply listing topics that will be covered
  • Using nonmeasurable verbs (e.g., understand, gain awareness)
  • Not focusing on the learner (e.g., the presenter will provide …)