Send Us Your Legal Questions

p. 32

Volume 47 Issue 1

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We are inviting you to send in questions about legal issues related to your practice as school psychologists. Perry Zirkel, university professor emeritus of education and law at Lehigh University, will answer selected questions in his Communiqué column, Ask Perry.

Questions that will be considered should be: (a) related to the practice of school psychologists as employees (not in private practice); (b) amenable to an answer relevant on a generalizable basis (i.e., based on federal law or a state law that is not special to your particular state); and (c) subject to sufficient case law to allow a definitive (and not just speculative) answer. Questions may be about IDEA/Section 504 or about the wider duties and obligations of school psychologists.

Interested? Send your questions to John Desrochers, editor of Communiqué, at Include your name and tell us your job title and where you work. Mr. Zirkel will review the questions as they come in and choose which ones to answer in his column based on his judgement about how broadly relevant the issue is to our field.

Mr. Zirkel is a renowned impartial legal specialist specializing in education law and, in particular, special education law. Take advantage of this opportunity to expand your knowledge of legal issues related to school psychology and send in your question today.