Book Reviews Edited by Merryl Bushanksy

Book Review: Tools and Resources for CBT

By Lisa Goodman

Volume 44 Issue 5

By Lisa Goodman

The title of this book is fitting given the plethora of resources and applicable information provided on each page. As you read this well written and highly organized book, you will undoubtedly be thinking about your own students and how you could implement cognitive–behavioral therapy (CBT) within your school. If you have never used CBT, this toolkit will assist you in beginning your practice. If you currently implement CBT, the knowledge you will undoubtedly gain from Cognitive Behavioral Therapy In K-12 School Settings: A Practitioner’s Toolkit will help you in refining your practice.

The book begins with an overview of cognitive–behavioral therapy practice, helpful to both new and more seasoned practitioners. The authors then break down CBT for children and adolescents who experience internalizing and externalizing problems with a recommended outline of a counseling structure to apply. Within each type of internalizing or externalizing problem, the authors discuss a range of CBT methods that can be implemented, including why some are not recommended based on the presenting symptomology. Moreover, links to parent and student resources are plentiful. Case examples with counseling reports are included as well as ways in which to collect and use data. Finally, the Appendix includes a range of reproducible resources, a useful and practical feature. For example, a Subjective Units of Distress Scale: Feeling Thermometer; If/Then Questionnaire; ABC Record Form; and Four-Column Functional Assessment of ABCs are some of the choices. Additionally, a Relaxation Log, Exposure Hierarchy Worksheet, and Perspective-Taking Scenarios are included as well. These forms can be used as is or can be adapted to meet specific student needs.

In summary, this book is certainly a useful toolkit for school-based practitioners to use as they implement CBT with their students. The easy to read nature of this book allows clinicians to immediately think about how to apply the strategies with their own students. Undoubtedly you will find yourself placing many tabs throughout this book in order to mark the resources you find most useful.

By D. Joyce-Beaulieu & M. Sulkowski 2015, Springer

Lisa Goodman, NCSP, is a school psychologist in a K–5 elementary school in Wellesley, MA