PREPaRE 3rd Edition Q & A’s

Question: Is the PREPaRE curriculum being revised?
Answer: Yes, the third edition is currently under development.

Question: When will the third edition of PREPaRE be released?
Answer: We will be doing an initial pilot test of the third edition PREPaRE core workshop 1 (WS1) and core workshop 2 (WS2) content in February 2019 at NASP’s annual convention in Atlanta. After this initial pilot testing, we will be finalizing the workshop materials and continuing to develop and test the new technology related to the third edition. NASP will offer the third edition core WS1 & WS2 workshops, including all related technology, at both 2019 NASP summer conferences. It is anticipated PREPaRE authors and master trainers (individuals currently authorized to give the ToT workshops) will be available to begin offering third edition workshops starting in the fall 2019. We anticipate the third edition ToTs (for new trainers) will be available by early 2020.

Question: How long can current PREPaRE trainers continue to give the second edition workshops? 
Answer: Until June 30, 2020. At this time second edition materials will be retired and no longer available.

Question: We have extra second edition materials for trainings. How long can we continue to use these for training?
Answer: You may use up any remaining PREPaRE second edition workshop materials until June 30, 2020. After this date you will no longer be able to purchase second edition materials and the second edition will be officially retired. Thus, it would no longer be appropriate to give the second edition workshops after June 30, 2020.

Question: Can my colleagues still become PREPaRE trainers of the second edition before the third edition ToTs are available?
Answer: While NASP is no longer sponsoring or hosting second edition ToTs, those eligible can still become a second edition PREPaRE trainers. However, ToT sponsors (e.g., districts, state associations, or agencies) will need to host their own the second edition ToT(s). It is important to note that any individual who becomes a second edition trainer will then need to complete the requirements to update and renew their trainer status to become a third edition trainer. If you are interested in sponsoring a ToT, contact NASP at  

Question: When can I renew to become a third edition PREPaRE Trainer?
Answer: While final decisions have not been made on exactly how we will transition existing trainers from the second to the third edition, as soon as the plan is finalized it will be shared in the Trainer's Community. We anticipate that to maintain trainer status and provide third edition workshops, PREPaRE trainers will be required to complete either a face-to-face or virtual trainer session. Our goal is to have the renewal sessions ready sometime during the Fall of 2019, and trainers will have one calendar year from the release date to renew their trainer status.

Please note, these upgrade trainings would only be available to current second edition PREPaRE trainers. There will be a reasonable fee for the upgrade training and new trainer materials.

Question: If we have a cadre of trainers in my district, can we have a face-to-face trainer renewal session instead of doing it online?
Answer: Yes. We anticipate our PREPaRE authors and master trainers will be available to provide face-to-face renewal sessions upon request. However, there would be an additional fee associated with this training.

Question: Will we still be using Scantron forms?
Answer: No. We are moving to an online system for collecting pre/post-tests and workshop evaluation data, and also to collect participant information. This online system will replace the Scantron forms and the “Workshop Completion Confirmation Form” (i.e., the Database form). Connectivity and access to computers, smartphones, and/or tablets will be a new requirement for PREPaRE workshop participants.

Question: Will the materials still be on a CD?
Answer: No. All third edition materials (which within the second edition were on a participant CD) will now be made available to participants as downloadable documents.

Question: What will be the cost of the third edition workshop materials?
Answer: At this time we are not sure. Due to the significant cost associated with transitioning to an online system, maintaining data security, and managing the PREPaRE program, we anticipate at least some increase in per-participant fees. However, please know that it is NASP’s priority to keep costs as low as possible to make this affordable for all workshop sponsors and participants.