PREPaRE Trainers in Action: Good People Doing Great Things

Spotlight on Rock Hill School District, South Carolina

The Rock Hill PREPaRE Trainers

Rock Hill PREPaRE Trainers, left to right: Kevin Wren, Sue Sanford, Sharon Bybee, Jan Brown, April Smith, and Dr. Keith Wilks.

By Lisa Coffey, Member, School Safety and Crisis Response Committee

As the result of an extensive independent safety and security audit in 2014, the Rock Hill School District contacted Dr. Melissa Reeves and NASP about adopting PREPaRE. The Rock Hill district held a training for teachers, administrators, school resource officers, school psychologists, and guidance counselors. Rock Hill identified a cadre of trainers, Jan Brown (school psychologist), April Smith (school psychologist), Sue Sanford (guidance counselor), and Sharon Bybee (guidance counselor). This cadre has become the core of the Rock Hill District Crisis Team and has trained more than 100 educators, law enforcement officers, and other community members in crisis response. These trainers include: Kevin Wren, Sue Sanford, Sharon Bybee, Jan Brown, April Smith, and Dr. Keith Wilks.

A multitude of events have taken place in and around the Rock Hill District that have involved PREPaRE trainers responding to and assisting with recovery. Due to the response and care by trained crisis team members, schools were able to recover from tragic events and build student resiliency.

Some key aspects from PREPaRE training include not only the physical environment improvements but the training of faculty and staff on safety, security, and emergency response protocol. Formalized memoranda of agreement with law enforcement, mental health, business, churches, and Winthrop University have been developed. District-wide positive behavior interventions and supports have been adopted through training. Their crisis team has supported a renewed interest in developing student social, emotional, and academic outcomes.

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PREPaRE in Action—Good People Doing Great Things

The Excellence in School Safety and Crisis Response Recognition Award is part of NASP’s School Safety and Crisis Response Committee’s (SSCRC) ongoing effort to help school psychologists promote the balance of physical and psychological safety, respond to crises to reduce psychological harm, and assist with the return to adaptive coping in schools following school-associated crises.

This award recognizes school safety and crisis teams, individuals, or groups that embody positive leadership, display a spirit of collaboration, and demonstrate effectiveness in the PREPaRE key concepts.

Submissions for the award can be made at any time by completing the nomination form. The completed form should be submitted to the SSCRC Chair, Ben Fernandez, at

Using PREPaRE as the foundation of school safety and crisis response, teams strive to prevent crises from occurring, prepare for those they cannot prevent, and support a school community’s recovery after an event. The trainers’ newsletter will highlight recipients of the award to provide examples and demonstrate the impact of PREPaRE.

Submit a Nomination

ESSA OverviewLearn about the Excellence in School Safety and Crisis Response Recognition Award, share a nomination with the fillable PDF form, and submit to Benjamin Fernandez.