PREPaRE Third Edition Trainer Upgrades

The PREPaRE Third Edition Trainer Upgrades for second edition trainers are now available in the PREPaRE Online Catalog

As a reminder, trainers have until December 2020 to purchase the upgrade courses, after which time anyone who has not upgraded will lose their PREPaRE trainer status. (Reminder: The second edition will no longer be allowed after June 30, 2021).

There have been changes made to the upgrade process which are designed to ensure content mastery and trainer commitment to the efficacy of the curriculum. General requirements include the following:

  • Trainers can only upgrade to the workshop(s) for which they are a current second edition trainer.
  • Trainers are required to take a PREPaRE Model Mastery Test for each workshop (25 questions for Workshop 1 and 20 questions for Workshop 2) based on the School Crisis Prevention and Intervention: The PREPaRE Model, Second Edition book before starting the upgrades. Trainers must pass the test(s) with a score of 100%; however you will be allowed multiple attempts to do so since the goal is mastery of the content.
  • The upgrades involve a series of modules covering curriculum content and presentation delivery changes and a 1-hour workshop logistics module that is the same for both workshops. Each upgrade workshop includes the logistics quiz and upgrade content module quizzes, which must be passed with 100% mastery, and an evaluation of the online workshop.
  • Upgrade options are
    1. WS 1 Upgrade Only-Three-hour workshop broken into 3 modules that cover curriculum content and delivery changes, plus the 1-hour logistics module. Offers 4 hours of NASP- and APA-Approved CPD.  Cost: $165.00
    2. WS 2 Upgrade Only-Two-hour workshop, plus the 1-hour logistic module. Offers 3 hours of NASP- and APA-Approved CPD. Cost: $145.00
    3. WS1 & WS2 Bundle Upgrade-Three-hour workshop 1 and two-hour workshop 2 curriculum content and 1-hour logistics module. (Note: WS1 must be completed before WS2 within the bundle.) Offers 6 hours of NASP- and APA Approved CPD. Cost: $280.00
    4. Note: Trainers do not have to complete the online upgrades all at once but can break down and complete one module at a time, as their schedule permits. Upgrades include all trainer materials. 
  • Trainers must complete the upgrade within 90 days after purchase.
  • Completion of the upgrades results in Provisional Trainer Status. To achieve Full Trainer Status, trainers must conduct at least one workshop within 18-months of earning provisional status. If necessary, it is possible to extend provisional status for another year by re-taking the corresponding core third edition workshop. Again, the goal is to ensure mastery of content and trainer commitment to the efficacy of the curriculum.
  • Trainers will be notified via email when upgrade registration opens.


For additional inquiries contact the NASP PREPaRE Coordinator, Nabeela Hassan, at She can also provide you the Trainer Discount code if you need to purchase a copy of the book.

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