PREPaRE Frequently Asked Questions

Who developed the NASP PREPaRE program?

PREPaRE curriculum developers/core trainers are members of the National Association of School Psychologists as well as leading national experts in school crisis prevention and response. They are Steve Brock, Ted Feinberg, Shane Jimerson, Rich Lieberman, Amanda Nickerson, and Melissa Reeves, members of the original NASP PREPaRE Workgroup. Several Workgroup members are also members of NASP’s National Emergency Assistance Team (NEAT), a group of specially trained school psychologists who provide crisis response support to schools significantly impacted by trauma. In addition to formal training, PREPaRE core work group developers have direct experience designing and implementing crisis plans and responding to crises.

How can I arrange a PREPaRE  Workshop for my district or agency?

Agencies, school districts, communities, universities or a school can contract for PREPaRE Workshops directly with any PREPaRE trainer. Fees are negotiated with the trainer(s) for the presentation and they are typically reimbursed for travel, meals, and lodging. They may also contact PREPaRE at the NASP office for general information about scheduling a PREPaRE training and any other questions they might have.

How do I find a trainer in my area?

Check out our list of NASP PREPaRE Trainers.

What do the trainers charge? Can I hire one of the primary PREPaRE authors/developers?

Presenter fees will vary and are established by the trainers themselves taking into account schedules and competing training requests. The authors of the PREPaRE curriculum currently charge between $2,000-$2,500 per day, plus all travel, lodging, and meal expenses. Local PREPaRE Trainers establish their own fees but, sponsors should anticipate being asked to cover all workshop-related travel, lodging, and meals.

What expenses should be covered?

Round-trip mileage or transportation from home to airport/training site, food (per diem or receipt reimbursement—at your discretion), hotel, rental car, and airfare (if applicable).

Who supplies the workshop materials?

Materials are ordered for workshops through the NASP office.

What are the costs of materials?

All workshop materials are ordered through the NASP office for a per-participant fee.

  • Workshop 1 - Participant materials fee of $45.00 per person
    This fee includes access to the online system, the PowerPoint presentation, and supplemental handouts.
  • Workshop 2 - Participant materials fee of $55.00 per person, payable to NASP
    This fee includes access to the online system, PowerPoint presentation, and supplemental handouts.
Are there any other costs involved?

Any other costs associated with conducting the training, such as fees for space or rental equipment (e.g., LCD projector, laptop, microphone, Wifi, charging stations etc) are the financial responsibility of the sponsoring organization.

How are food, beverages, etc. handled?

If the sponsoring organization chooses to provide food, beverages, etc. during the training this cost may need to be included in the workshop fee charged to each participant. Note: If a participant needs to incur travel, food, and/or hotel expenses to attend a training workshop, these expenses are, as a rule, the responsibility of the participant and are not factored into price guidelines mentioned above.

Do we have to sponsor both workshops at one time?

The two core PREPaRE workshops can be offered separately; however, they are complementary and it is recommended for participant continuity that both workshops be offered at one time.

How many people can attend each workshop?
  • Workshop 1 can accommodate 15 to 100 participants.
  • Workshop 2 can accommodate 15 to 40 participants (Workshop 2 requires two trainers).
What are the fees for participants?

The sponsoring organization (e.g., state association, school district) is allowed to charge a workshop fee if warranted to help cover expenses. This decision and the workshop fee price are decided by the sponsoring organization.

How long are the workshops?

Workshop 1 is a one-day (8-hour) workshop (includes 1 hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks).

Workshop 2 is a two-day (13-hour) workshop (includes 1 hour for lunch and two 15 minute breaks each day).

Who do you recommend attends Workshop 1?

School crisis teams, school mental health personnel, administrators, community liaisons, school resource officers, and any other professionals and support staff that will be involved in crisis planning/preparation.

Who do you recommend attends Workshop 2?

Although more focused on mental health crisis intervention and recovery, it is relevant to anyone who serves on a school crisis intervention team.

What is a Trainer of Trainers (ToT)?

Once a participant completes core Workshop 1 and/or Workshop 2, he or she is eligible to attend the Trainer of Trainers (ToT) for that particular workshop(s) and become a PREPaRE Trainer. After successful completion of the ToT(s), PREPaRE Trainers are able to provide PREPaRE workshops.

Does a trainer have to complete both Workshop 1 and Workshop 2 before attending a ToT?

Although it is recommended that a prospective trainer complete both PREPaRE workshops, some individuals choose to complete just one workshop and become a trainer for that specific workshop (and not the other).

What is the purpose of the Trainer of Trainers program?

One of the primary goals of the PREPaRE curriculum is to build local capacity.

It is anticipated that such training will become a part of building local/regional capacity and expanding consistent, standardized service delivery. This, in turn, makes dissemination of this curriculum and long-term capacity-building cost effective.

What are the expectations in attending the Training of Trainer workshop(s) and becoming a PREPaRE Trainer?

The PREPaRE Training of Trainer’s (ToT) workshops facilitate the development of the knowledge and skills needed to present PREPaRE workshops. It is important to note that the ToTs are only a part of the preparation that is necessary to become a PREPaRE workshop trainer. Other elements that are important to being a trainer are as follows:

  • Before ToT participation, potential trainers will:
    • have worked, or are currently working, in a school setting;
    • have school-based mental health or prior mental health training (i.e., school psychologist, social worker, counselor) and experience (this is necessary to be a trainer for Workshop 2 ToT);
    • have had practical experiences with school crisis prevention and PREPaREdness (for Workshop 1), and crisis response and recovery (for Workshop 2);
    • have already developed the skills important to the delivery of professional development workshops; and
    • have already developed strong communication skills.
    • Obtain and read School Crisis The PREPaRE Model, 2nd edition
  • After ToT participation, new trainers should:
    • actively pursue opportunities to present workshops;
    • strive to find mentorship from more experienced trainers for consultation and cofacilitation of initial workshops;
    • invest at least 40 hours of additional study, preparation, and practice of workshop materials;
    • work to find ways to bring their unique school crisis prevention, PREPaREdness, response, and recovery experiences to the PREPaRE workshops; and
    • be willing to remain current with the school crisis literature.
Can graduate students who are currently enrolled in a school psychology graduate program complete the Trainer of Trainers workshop(s) and become a PREPaRE Trainer?

While graduate students are not prohibited from completing the Trainer of Trainers (ToT) workshops, we do encourage they at least be in the final stages of their graduate program (e.g., internship year). To be an effective PREPaRE Trainer, the trainer needs to have prior experience working in a school setting and also in preparing for and responding to crisis situations. We acknowledge that prior school experiences of graduate students can vary greatly, and thus we strongly encourage graduate students to pair up with an experienced PREPaRE Trainer for their first few PREPaRE trainings. In addition, see the FAQ “What are the expectations in attending the Training of Trainer workshop(s) and becoming a PREPaRE Trainer?” for additional guidance regarding trainer expectations.

What are the costs of materials for the Trainer of Trainers (ToT) workshops?

All Trainer of Trainer workshop materials are ordered through the NASP office for a per-participant fee (The ToT materials fee is in addition to the workshop fees mentioned above). Contact PREPaRE for more information and an order form.

* Workshop 1 - Participant materials fee of $110.00 per person

This fee includes all presenter notes that accompany each slide, the PowerPoint presentation, and supplemental materials.

* Workshop 2 - Participant materials fee of $130.00 per person, payable to NASP

This fee includes all presenter notes that accompany each slide, the PowerPoint presentation, and supplemental materials.

How do I find Trainer of Trainers program?

Local agencies, school districts, and/or schools can contract directly with NASP for a ToT. Alternatively, NASP- sponsored ToTs are held at least annually in different locations around the country. For more information about upcoming ToTs contact PREPaRE.

Do I need an internet connective device to participate in a PREPaRE workshop?

Yes, a laptop or tablet is preferred.