Holding a PREPaRE Workshop

Holding a Core Workshop

PREPaRE third Edition workshops may only be conducted by approved third edition trainers. The first step in scheduling a PREPaRE workshop is to find an eligible trainer in your area. For a list of approved trainers, please contact the PREPaRE Coordinator at prepare@naspweb.org. Once you have contacted and confirmed a date with your trainer, they will help you through the process as a sponsor. If you have additional questions, contact PREPaRE at the NASP Office.

Next, you will need to order materials. Materials are only sold through the NASP Office and are priced per participant. Additional fees for training may occur and should be worked out through your trainer. Please note that material orders need to be submitted at least 4 weeks prior to the date of your workshop. Submit a completed materials order form with a valid form of payment either via fax to 301-657-0275, or by e-mail to prepare@naspweb.org.

Once a workshop request has been approved and payment received you'll receive participant instructions and a unique link to your workshop. You will send the link and instructions to your participants. Workshop participants are required to enroll in the workshop online and complete pre-workshop requirements prior to the workshop. A number of components of the third edition must be completed online through the PREPaRE Third Edition Online Catalog. Internet access is required during the workshop and participants are required to have an Internet connective device, ideally a laptop or tablet. Our Sponsor Checklists contain additional important details. View the In-Person Sponsor Checklist or the Virtual Sponsor Checklist.

Once your training has been completed, either you or your trainer will need to send a list of people that did not attend the workshop in its entirety and any paper evaluations, pretests, and posttests completed at the workshop back to the NASP Office. It is your responsibility to determine who will ship them back and to do so within 2 weeks of the end of your training.


Holding a ToT Workshop

The process of planning a ToT workshop is very similar to planning a core workshop. The first step is identifying who will potentially be a good trainer and making sure they have completed the core workshops. Each prospective trainer will need to review the list of TOT requirements here. The next step is finding a Master trainer. For the list of Master trainers, please contact the PREPaRE Coordinator at prepare@naspweb.org.  Once you have contacted and confirmed a date with your trainer, you need to order ToT materials. Each ToT participant will need a copy of the School Crisis The PREPaRE Model, 2nd ed. Contact the PREPaRE Coordinator for the trainer discount. You will also need to place an order for TOT materials, using this order form.

Order PREPaRE Materials

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PREPaRE Trainers

Locate and contact a PREPaRE Trainer in your area to begin planning your workshop.

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