Excellence in School Safety and Crisis Response Recognition

PREPaRE Trainers in Action: Good People Doing Great Things

The Excellence in School Safety and Crisis Response Recognition is part of NASP’s School Safety and Crisis Response Committee’s (SSCRC) ongoing effort to help school psychologists promote the balance of physical and psychological safety, respond to crises to reduce psychological harm, and assist with the return to adaptive coping in schools following school-associated crises. 

The committee would like to recognize school safety and crisis teams, individuals, or groups that embody positive leadership, display a spirit of collaboration, and demonstrate effectiveness in the PREPaRE key concepts. 

From the Field

Learn how school leaders have used knowledge and skills gained from the PREPaRE curriculum to address school safety crisis prevention, intervention, and recovery needs; become inspired on how to facilitate systemic change in your local community; and learn how to apply those key concepts and strategies in your community.       

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The Howard County Public School System 
The Howard County Public School System (HCPSS) describes its history of supporting crisis preparation and response efforts while adapting to the demographic transition of the county. Furthermore, the team collaborates with community-based agencies to ensure a continuum of care and delivers crisis trainings for school-based and central office staff. Read more.

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The Rock Hill PREPaRE Trainers 
The Rock Hill School District created and trained a cadre of critical stakeholders in crisis response, responded to tragic events in the community, formalized a memorandum of agreement with law relevant community entities, and implemented positive behavior interventions and supports. Read more.

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Adams 12 Five Star Schools District Crisis Recovery Team
In 2005, the Adams 12 Five Star School District formed the District Crisis Recovery Team. Comprised of social workers, school psychologists, and counselors, this team provides long and short term recovery supports for students and helps schools return to learning as quickly as possible, both during and after traumatic events. Read more.

Submit a Nomination

ESSA OverviewLearn about the Excellence in School Safety and Crisis Response Recognition, share a nomination with the fillable PDF form, and submit to Benjamin Fernandez

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