NASP Call for Speakers Bureau Proposals

NASP has an open call for speakers that would like to be included in the NASP Speakers Bureau. The NASP Speakers Bureau provides a listing of vetted presenters and speakers on a range of topics, allowing sponsors of professional development to easily identify speakers and facilitators. The Speakers Bureau solely focuses on content directly addressing NASP's Strategic Priorities:

  • Workforce Shortages Solutions - Presentations that focus specifically on addressing the shortages issue (e.g., legislative and advocacy practices, strategies addressing access to school psychological services)
  • NASP Practice Model - Presentations that focus specifically on strategies to improve and ensure implementation of a comprehensive service delivery model consistent with the NASP Practice Model. These will not include presentations simply focused on practices within a domain or multiple domains (e.g., presentations on student assessment practices will not be considered, even though that practice is included within the Practice Model).
  • Social Justice - Presentations that focus specifically on promoting social justice among schools, families, and communities.

Additionally, the NASP Speakers Bureau welcomes presentations addressing the following areas:

  • Leadership Development - Presentations that focus specifically on the development of leadership skills that enable one to effect change at the local, state, and national levels.   All proposals must have a direct connection to the strategic priorities as stated above in order to be considered.  
  • Mental and Behavioral Health - Presentations that focus specifically on providing culturally competent and comprehensive mental and behavioral health services, with preference for content focused on skill-building in the delivery of MBH services.

Benefits of Participating in the NASP Speakers Bureau

All speakers agree to provide one presentation per school/academic year at no cost to a state association (beyond associated fees for travel, lodging, and per diem, which are reimbursed by the state association). Afterwards, speakers are free to negotiate speaker fees directly based on inquiries. Further, participation may increase your potential for speaking engagement, as multiple organizations and agencies request to view the Speakers Bureau list.  

Proposal Process

Proposals will be selected based on certain criteria, including direct connection of proposed content to the Strategic Priorities, quality of the proposal, and evidence of previous presentation experience (e.g., evaluation summaries) and expertise (e.g., CV) of the presenter. Speakers should submit one proposal per presentation, and may submit more than one proposal for different presentation topics/titles.  Proposals must be submitted to the NASP Speakers Bureau.  Questions can be submitted to Dr. Emilie Ney, NASP Director of Professional Development

Speakers Bureau Proposal