You Should Present at the NASP Convention

NASP is actively seeking more presentations to equip early career to advanced practitioners with evidence-based skills, strategies, and knowledge they can use.

Am I Qualified to Present?

Yes, especially if:

  • You are doing something that really works
  • Your work is grounded in research
  • You have evidence to demonstrate positive outcomes
  • You think other school psychologists would benefit from hearing about your work

Why Should I Present?

  • It counts toward your CPD renewal requirements
  • You can use the presentation to train other staff or advocate with administration in your district
  • It develops you professionally
  • You’ll be contributing to the field
  • You may meet others that are doing similar work
  • It’s fun

What Types of Presentations Can I Propose?

  • Mini-Skills: (1 hour, 50 minutes) Advanced skills-based sessions.
  • Paper Presentations: (50 minutes) Address topics relevant to the profession and inform research and/or practice.
  • Poster Presentations: (90 minutes) Visual presentations scheduled in groups that average 20-40 presenters in each poster time slot.
  • Symposium (80 minutes) for a team-based approach with panelists with different perspectives
  • Practitioner Conversations (50 minutes) which promote sharing of the “real world” experiences through a short presentation and facilitated discussion with no more than 30 participants

How Do I Submit a Proposal?

NASP offers a number of resources and tips to help you prepare a successful proposal.


Contact us at, 866-331-6277 (toll-free), or 301-347-1667 with questions or requests for more information.