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Event Space Requests

Space requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis, so please be sure to submit your request online as early as possible. Download the instructions for complete details.

The NASP 2024 Annual Convention will take place in February 2024. The NASP convention offers an excellent opportunity for applicable NASP affiliates to host certain activities in conjunction with the convention. Toward the end, the convention committee is offering the opportunity to reserve time and space on the convention schedule.

The convention is an outstanding venue in which to showcase your research and practice. We are especially seeking presentations that will appeal to seasoned practitioners and assist them in delivering the highest quality, evidence-based practices in schools.

Session Formats

Presentations should be in one of the following formats:

Mini-Skills (MS)
Mini-Skills (MS) are designed to provide skills and information that will be immediately applicable for practitioners (“tools to use on Monday morning”). These sessions are appropriate for seasoned practitioners to share their knowledge with other practitioners.
  • 1 hour, 50 minute presentations
  • Maximum of four total contributors and four total presenters
Papers (PA)
Papers address topics relevant to the profession and inform research and/or practice. These sessions are appropriate for sharing research, program evaluations, and other evidence-based projects.
  • 50 minute presentations
  • Maximum of four total contributors and four total presenters
Posters (PO)
Posters are visual presentations scheduled in groups that average 20-40 presenters in each poster time slot.
  • 90 minute presentations
  • Maximum of four total contributors and four total presenters
Practitioner Conversation Sessions (PC)
Practitioner Conversation Sessions (PC) are designed for smaller groups to come together around topics that may be less mainstream, but relevant to some. Rooms are set up for approximately 30 people. The presenter acts more like a facilitator, providing a brief introduction to the topic and then guiding discussion amongst participants. The purpose of these sessions is to create an environment where practitioners with similar issues can come together to interact and discuss. To that end, when considering submitting a proposal for a PC session, please keep in mind that the more popular or mainstream the topic, the more participants are likely to attend, risking an overfull session. Topics that address narrow or more focused issues tend to achieve better results for PC sessions. For example, “Social Skills Interventions for Students With Autism” is likely to be a mainstream topic that could attract far more than the desired 30; whereas “Navigating Faculty-Administrator Roles in Higher Education” is a more focused, narrow topic that is more likely to attract a crowd of 30..
  • 50 minute presentations
  • Maximum of two total presenters and two total contributors
Symposia (SY)
Symposia provide several (sometimes contrasting) views on a single topic or issue. Typically, three papers are presented briefly and then a discussant provides reactions to the papers.
  • 80 minute presentations
  • Maximum of ten total contributors and ten total presenters
NASP Convention Workshops (WS)
NASP Convention Workshop durations are half-day (3 contact hours) or full-day (6 contact hours). Many presenters are paid an honorarium and expenses, including travel, hotel, and per diem. Most NASP Convention Workshops are invited presentations. That is, the Workshop Selection Committee actively recruits experts on specific topics and selects these workshops in a separate process from the other proposal types on the reverse side of this flyer. However, a very limited number of workshops are invited from workshop proposals received in response to the Call for Presentation Proposals.
  • half-day (3 contact hours)
  • full-day (6 contact hours)
Note. Workshops are accepted under a different process from the remainder of the program.


Submissions include a summary (maximum of 800 words) identifying the purpose, content, and expected outcomes for participants; and description (maximum of 30 words) stating the objectives of the presentation to be published in the convention program upon acceptance. See the online instructions for important information on these two proposal elements.

Proposals with summaries or abstracts exceeding the word limit will be disqualified.  Be sure not to include any identifying information about authors in your summary (i.e. title page, name in running head, track changes on, or author in file name. Proposals that identify the author(s) will be disqualified.

The Paul H. Henkin Memorial Scholarship Award
Recognizing Excellence in Applied Research or Program Design

The Paul H. Henkin Memorial Scholarship Award recognizes excellence in applied research or program design by a school psychologist who has recently entered the field. Individuals eligible for consideration are PRIMARY presenters whose proposals are accepted for presentation, who are NASP members, and who have been newly credentialed within the last three years, prior to the proposal submission deadline (Wednesday, June 14, 2023).

Credentials may include Nationally Certified School Psychologist (NCSP) or credentialing by a state agency as a school psychologist. The recipient of the Paul H. Henkin Memorial Scholarship Award will receive reimbursement for convention registration fees, lodging as needed to fulfill the obligations of the award (presentation and awards ceremony), and transportation to the NASP convention for which her/his proposal has been accepted. Reimbursement cannot exceed $2,000.

Individuals interested in being considered for the Paul H. Henkin Memorial Scholarship Award should complete the information pertaining to the scholarship on the online cover sheet and submit their proposal electronically. Upon notification of acceptance, individuals then submit (via e-mail) 1 copy of documentation to verify credentialing.

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