For Presenters

A Note for Presenters: If your copresenter cannot make it to the New Orleans convention, please inform us immediately so we can adjust the program. Remote or virtual presentations by your absent colleague will not be possible. If you would like to include a video segment, you may use a portable speaker, though some audio risk may still be present.

Tips for Making a Great Presentation

Kathy Minke shares simple tips on how to avoid common mistakes and deliver a presentation that genuinely contributes to your audience's professional development.

Experienced and first-time presenters will benefit from this video reminder of what school psychologists appreciate in convention presentations.

Practice Model Information for Convention Presenters

NASP encourages convention presenters to reference the NASP Practice Model in their presentations. This is part of our effort to help school psychologists become more familiar with the model, better understand how their work currently fits into the model, and recognize how they can use the model to advocate for their services and the profession. This can also help frame and structure your presentation for attendees.

Accepted Proposals

Find a list of accepted proposals for the NASP 2024 Annual Convention.