NASP President’s Strands

School psychologists, in collaboration with families and with other school and community professionals, play a critical role in helping schools and districts create safe and supportive learning environments that help all students achieve their fullest potential. The Presidential theme- Engaging Hearts and Minds- provides an umbrella concept to describe how school psychologists can use their skills when working with students, colleagues, communities, and for ourselves, to create opportunities for enhancing educational experiences for all.

This year’s President’s Strands aim to highlight and celebrate school psychologists as champions for children and for schools.

At the core of our values is prioritizing the needs of children and youth, and school psychologists elevate the needs of children when there are complex problems to be solved. At a time when the mental health and academic needs of children and youth are at an all-time high, the services of school psychologists are more relevant and necessary than ever. Continuing to show up for children and families during seasons of struggle reveals school psychologists as champions.

STRAND 1: Champion for Children and Youth

Champions for Children Youth focuses on the various ways that school psychologists can leverage their expertise, knowledge, and skills to transform the lives of children and youth. By continuing to hone direct and indirect services that enhance children’s learning and mental health, school psychologists can gain inspiration in knowing their work matters. This strand will feature sessions that highlight skills of the contemporary school psychologist.

STRAND 1: Champions for Schools

Champions for Schools focuses on the school psychologist’s roles in consultation, school improvement, systems change, and advocacy. When we combine our efforts with those of students, families, and fellow educators, we help our schools work better for all kids. School psychologists champion equity, evidence-based practice, safe and supportive schools, and continual improvement toward the goal of helping schools to optimize learning and wellness in the children and youth they serve. This strand will feature sessions that underscore the power of school psychologists building their capacity to perform their comprehensive role.

Meet the NASP President

Andrea Clyne, PhD, LP - NASP PresidentAndrea Clyne, PhD, LP, , is President of NASP (2023–2024) and a licensed school psychologist with over 30 years of experience as a school-based practitioner in Colorado. Andrea has spent many years working with her educator colleagues to advance safe, welcoming school environments, equitable practices, and multitiered systems of support (MTSS). Her leadership experiences include serving as district lead school psychologist; leading her school’s special education, PBIS, and MTSS teams; and serving on her district MTSS team. Advocating at the school, district, state, and national levels has reinforced her beliefs that change is possible, that everyone can be a change agent, and that building relationships is critical to success. Active in her state association leadership for 20 years, Andrea developed a passion for promoting the comprehensive school psychologist training and role. Andrea has also maintained a clinical practice, providing evaluations and psychotherapy for children, teens, and their parents. Before becoming NASP President, Andrea served for nearly a decade in NASP leadership in various roles, including as Colorado Delegate, Practice Model Committee Chair, 2020 Practice Model Revision Writing Team Lead (as part of NASP’s 2020 Professional Standards revision), and Western Delegate Representative and President-Elect on the NASP Board of Directors. Throughout her presidency, Andrea hopes to shine a light on school psychologists’ important role as champions on behalf of students and for improving school and community systems to enable all students to thrive. In addition to her professional interests, Andrea loves music, reading, hiking, dancing, and spending time with her husband, daughters, family, and friends.

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