Visiting Boston

Known as The City of Champions, Boston is home to countless historic buildings, quaint neighborhoods, arts and entertainment venues, and more. Located in the heart of downtown, the convention center is close to three of Boston's most popular destinations: Quincy Market, Back Bay, and Boston Common.

Quincy Market

Named after Boston mayor Josiah Quincy, Quincy Market is as well known for its architectural style as it is for its wide selection of delicious food. The market is a family-friendly spot where tourists and locals can grab a quick bite on the cheap and is just a few blocks away from famous and infamous historical sites alike, such as the Old State House and the site of the Boston Massacre in 1770.

Back Bay

Bordered by the Charles River, the Back Bay neighborhood was so named because it was built on what once were stagnant pools of water. Today, the late-19th-century neighborhood is an upscale, fashionable district with picturesque streets lined with Victorian homes, trendy restaurants and chic boutiques. The neighborhood is also home to the Boston Public Garden, the oldest and largest botanical garden in the nation.

Boston Common

America's oldest public park, Boston Common was first used as a cow pasture in the 17th century but is also the site of many of the city's historic events. A kiosk hosted by Boston's Freedom Trail Foundation offers visitors information about the park's monuments. Landscaped with shady trees, gorgeous fountains and a beautiful pond, Boston Common is a pleasant place to take a break from convention activities.

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