You Should Present at the NASP Convention

NASP is actively seeking more presentations to equip early career to advanced practitioners with evidence-based skills, strategies, and knowledge they can use.

Am I Qualified to Present?

Yes, especially if:

  • You are doing something that really works
  • Your work is grounded in research
  • You have evidence to demonstrate positive outcomes
  • You think other school psychologists would benefit from hearing about your work

Why Should I Present?

  • It counts toward your CPD renewal requirements
  • You can use the presentation to train other staff or advocate with administration in your district
  • It develops you professionally
  • You’ll be contributing to the field
  • You may meet others that are doing similar work
  • It’s fun

What Types of Presentations Can I Propose?

  • Mini-Skills: Advanced skills-based sessions (80 minutes)
  • Paper Presentations (50 minutes)
  • Symposium (80 minutes) for a team-based approach with panelists with different perspectives
  • Practitioner Conversations (50 minutes) which promote sharing of the “real world” experiences through a short presentation and facilitated discussion with no more than 30 participants

How Do I Submit a Proposal?

NASP offers a number of resources and tips to help you prepare a successful proposal.

Wanted: Advanced Practitioners

If you're doing something that works and have data to back up your results, Kathy Minke explains why you should present your work at this year's convention.

Check out the video's key ideas.


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