Convention FAQs

Once I register for the convention, do I have to pay to attend sessions?

No. Your convention registration includes more than 1,200 sessions automatically. You can add paid sessions and events like Documented Sessions and NASP Convention Workshops to expand your registration, but they are entirely optional.

What is included in the registration fee?

More than 1,200 sessions and events, including:

  • Admission to the Exhibit Hall
  • Convention Mentor Program
  • Featured sessions (FS)
  • Field-Based Skills sessions (FBS)
  • Interest Group Networking sessions (IG)
  • Keynote Address (KY)
  • Mini-Skills presentations (MS)
  • Paper presentations (PA)
  • Poster presentations (PO)
  • Practitioner Conversation sessions (PC)
  • Special sessions (SS)
  • Symposium presentations (SY)
What is not included in the registration fee?
  • Meals
  • Documented Sessions (DS)
  • NASP Convention Workshops (WS)
  • Red Cross Training
  • Session Recording Packages
What are Session Recording Packages?

Session Recording Packages allow you the flexibility to experience the convention from anywhere. Each package contains three sessions recorded on-site, with the option to add the 3-hour legal regulations session.

How and when do I receive the Session Recording Packages?

These sessions will be available for on-demand viewing in the NASP Online Learning Center beginning April 2019, so you can earn documented CPD whenever and wherever you like. If you preorder the sessions, you will be notified via e-mail when they become available in your account.

Why should I purchase them now if they aren't available until April?

Convention attendees receive an additional discount when purchasing Session Recording Packages prior to or at the convention.

How will I receive the Session Recording Packages?

All sessions will be available as streaming content using your NASP login in the NASP Online Learning Center. You will have the opportunity to watch each session an unlimited number of times, pause and rewind, and watch on multiple computers for a period of 90 days.

How long will I have access to sessions in the Online Learning Center?

Sessions are typically made available to you as on-demand content for a period of 90 days.

Can I add sessions after I've already registered?

Absolutely! Follow the instructions in your confirmation e-mail to add to your initial registration. You also can add sessions and events on site at any of the Assisted Registration counters.

I need documented, NASP- and APA-approved CPD. How do I get it?

You can earn documented continuing professional development credits on site in NASP Convention Workshops, 3 or 6 hours each, and Documented Sessions, 1.25 hours each, and by purchasing Session Recording Packages, up to 10.25 hours each. All sessions are NASP-approved, and NASP is approved by the American Psychological Association to sponsor continuing education for psychologists. NASP maintains responsibility for this program and its content.

Do I get any discounts with my registration?

As a convention attendee, you can take advantage of specially negotiated rates at either of the official convention hotels. You can also get discounts on rental cars. Find out more in the hotel and travel section.

Is there a way to save more on my hotel costs?

Yes. Using NASP’s Roommate Locator Assistance Service lets you find a roommate for the convention and significantly reduce your hotel costs.

Can you help me explain the importance of attending to my supervisor?

We have tools that you can use to help explain the value of attending the convention to your supervisor, including talking points and a customizable letter that you can download.

How can I be a presenter at the convention?

The deadline to submit a proposal for the 2019 convention has passed. The next annual convention will be held February 18–21, 2020, in Baltimore, MD. The Call for Presentations information for the 2020 convention will be available on site in Atlanta, GA, and on the NASP website, thereafter.

The size of the Exhibit Hall is overwhelming. How do I find a specific exhibitor?

A map of the Exhibit Hall is included in the packet provided at registration and will be available for downloaded as well closer to the convention. Exhibitors appear in alphabetical order with their booth numbers.

Why isn’t the Exhibit Hall open on Tuesday when the convention starts?

Setup of booths in the Exhibit Hall is a massive effort which takes two and a half days to complete. Then exhibitors need time to stock the booths.

Why isn’t the hall open on Wednesday morning?

The general session with a keynote speaker is a significant convention event for the organization. Nothing else is scheduled at that time, to allow attendees to enjoy the session.

Why are there no early morning hours for the Exhibit Hall?

More than half of the entities that purchase booths have only one representative present. Exhibitor rules require that the booth be staffed at all times. The booth hours are set in a manner to acknowledge their need for a reasonable work schedule. Even then, they may need to be absent for brief periods to attend to personal needs.

I am an employer/recruiter and would like to conduct interviews. What do I need to do?

For the past few years, many employers/recruiters have had Exhibit Hall booths to promote their organizations and solicit candidates. On-site interviews have been handled in a variety of ways but not organized through NASP. Some have interviewed within the confines of the booth. Others have found appropriate spots in the hall, or public areas in the hotel to meet candidates.

Registration Details

How can I pay for my registration? Will I get a confirmation e-mail? Who do I contact about disability accommodation? Find all this and more on the Registration Details page.