Reserving Space for Activities at the NASP 2019 Annual Convention

Reserving Space for Activities at the NASP 2019 Annual Convention

The NASP 2019 Annual Convention will take place February 26–March 1, 2019, in Atlanta, GA.  The NASP convention offers an excellent opportunity for applicable NASP affiliates to host certain activities in conjunction with the convention.  Toward this end, the convention committee is offering the opportunity to reserve time and space on the convention schedule.  All 2019 Convention Space Requests will be submitted electronically.  Space requests will be honored on a first-come, first-served basis, so please be sure to submit your request online as early as possible. 

A link to the Space Request System is available in the Convention section of the NASP website.   

All requests for meeting space are due no later than Wednesday, September 5, 2018, at midnight EST, when the Space Request Submission System will close.  Please mark this date on your calendar now! You must submit your request prior to the deadline. As you know, scheduling of rooms is a complex task, and late requests, which create great difficulties, may not be possible. 

As usual, available space is limited for 2019, so please be judicious in making requests. If you must submit requests for more than one event, please be sure to prioritize your submissions at the end of the descriptions.  It may be necessary to limit events, and if so, priority will be given to activities that are indicated as essential.  Every effort will be made to accommodate your first choice of date and time, although activities will be scheduled on a space- and time-availability basis. 

We cannot guarantee that all room set-up requests will be available but will do our best to ensure that your event is held in an appropriate setting. We will review space requests and confirm acceptances and scheduled times by November 2, 2018.

Note: As the person submitting a space request, all following correspondence about the request will be sent to your attention only. It is your responsibility to communicate all pertinent information to any other individuals who may need it.

The four types of ancillary convention events are listed below.  Please take time to read the various descriptions so that you can determine the appropriate category for your activity and better understand the online Space Request System: 

  • Special Events/Receptions: There are many convention activities that are primarily social in nature.  Space for college reunions and state/regional receptions will be granted only after space for all other NASP-related requests has been granted.
  • Meetings: We will attempt to honor all requests for ancillary meetings, including those sponsored by partner organizations that are related to the NASP mission. 
  • Special Sessions: This event type may be requested by NASP leaders and publishers only!   
  • Interest Group Networking Sessions:  This event type may be requested by NASP Interest Group Coordinators only!
No space will be assigned for any events 11:00 a.m.–2:30 p.m., on Wednesday, February 27, 2018, during the Opening General Session and opening of the Exhibit Hall. This NASP policy will be adhered to strictly.

All events will be listed in the Final Program, including those that are “invitation only.”   Descriptions for all events in the program are limited to 30 words or less. If your event limits attendance to only members or is by invitation, please make that clear in your 30-word description.

As you know, the NASP Convention Committee must operate within the parameters of a detailed budget.  This is especially important, because we are responsible for organizing not only a high-quality professional education and networking experience, but also for generating revenues to help fund other activities that support the mission of the association.  Therefore, we are unable to provide financial support for any costs (such as A/V equipment, food and beverages, speaker fees, or complimentary registrations) for ancillary convention activities such as those in the categories listed above.  Space requesters will receive information about ordering and paying for food and beverages and audiovisuals when space is confirmed.

The Space Request System provides important information to the NASP Director of Meetings and Conventions, so please provide complete information (be sure to specify the length of the session, the anticipated audience size, full presenter information, etc.).  Additionally, for any educational sessions you list that should not conflict with events for which you are requesting space, please be sure to include the session type (mini-skills, paper, practitioner conversation, poster, or symposium) and session number (MS36, PA145, PC84, PO438, SY43, etc.). Without FULL session information, we will not be able to avoid session/event conflicts! 

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Contact us at, 866-331-6277, or 301-367-1673 with questions or requests for more information.