NASP Mentorship Program


The NASP Mentorship Program is available exclusively to NASP members. Participants should engage in ongoing professional support for a minimum of one month; ideally, mentorships should span an academic year. Mentors and mentees are encouraged to consider group mentorship for a richer dialogue in which mentees can learn both from their mentor and other mentees.

By participating in this program, you are acknowledging that NASP has not vetted or screened any mentors, and the establishment of mentor–mentee relationship is purely the responsibility of those directly involved. This program is not intended for one-time consults; we encourage you to post those in the NASP Communities.
  • Mentee Sign Up

    Indicate your interest in mentorship. Complete your mentee profile so you can appear on a list of prospective mentors.

  • Find a Mentor

    In need of a mentor? See a list of available mentors and request someone who shares your interests or desired expertise.

  • Mentor Sign Up

    Indicate your interest in mentorship. Complete your mentor profile so you can appear on a list of prospective mentees.

  • Find a Mentee

    Volunteer to mentor a colleague. View a list of mentees and request someone who matches your professional experience.

Earn CPD Credit

Both mentors and mentees are eligible to claim CPD credit for participating in the program, as long as you can attest that your involvement helped you grow professionally by upgrading your skills or knowledge in a particular area. See categories E and F of our CPD guidelines. Mentors can submit the co-signed Professional Support Verification Form as evidence, which is required for those renewing their NCSP for the first time.

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Deciding on Next Steps After Graduation

"I really lucked out when I searched the NASP Find-a-Mentor directory and discovered Sara." - Jon Goodwin

Early career school psychologist Jon Goodwin shares how having a mentor helped him reach beyond his current support network to get perspective from someone with similar interests. In this interview, he and Sara Platt, his mentor, talk about what made the mentorship work so well and share some of the highlights of the mentorship.

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