NASP Awards, Scholarships, and Grants


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  • Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA)

    The NASP Lifetime Achievement Award recognizes an outstanding school psychologist who has had a national impact on the field and has dedicated his/her professional life to the development and improvement of school psychology.

  • Paul H. Henkin Memorial Scholarship

    The Henkin award program recognizes excellence in applied research or program design. School psychologists who are in their first three years of work may apply for this scholarship when submitting a presentation proposal for an annual NASP convention.

  • GPR Special Friend of Children Award

    The NASP GPR "Special Friend of Children" Award is given to individuals or groups outside the profession who have nationally supported political action and advocacy on behalf of children to improve education and mental health services for children, youth and their families.

  • GPR Outstanding Advocate Award

    The NASP GPR "Outstanding Advocate" Award is given to individuals or groups who have worked to make systemic changes in policies that govern the provision of education and mental health services at the state or local level.

  • GPR Certificate of Appreciation

    The NASP GPR (Government and Professional Relations)"Certificate of Appreciation" is given to individual NASP members who have clearly shown their advocacy efforts to improve education and mental health services for children, youth, and their families.



  • Graduate Student Research Grants (GSRG)

    Up to three $1,000 grants are awarded each year to students who demonstrate exceptional ability to conduct high-quality research that furthers the mission and goals of NASP and has the potential to impact the field positively.

  • Strategic Goal Research Grant

    The NASP Research Committee awards one $5,000 grant each year to a regular or early career member who conducts research that addresses NASP's Strategic Goals. Projects must be a "new initiative" rather than an ongoing research or scholarly project.

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