NASP School Psychologist of the Year: Hints for Nominators and Candidates

The following information may be helpful to you in submitting nomination materials for the School Psychologist of the Year Award (SPY).

Letters of Support (4)

  • Ask a variety of people (students, teachers, colleagues, administrators, community support personnel, parents, etc.) to write letters of support. The committee prefers to see a variety of letter writers rather than all school personnel.
  • Letters of support should avoid repeating information in the candidate's resume/vita. They should, instead, focus on providing information about the skills this person has demonstrated as a school psychologist in these areas: leadership problem solving skills and abilities; interpersonal skills with colleagues, parents, children, and administrators; professional and ethical behavior, performing their job in an exemplary manner, earning the respect of others, and any of the domains of practice.
  • Please feel free to share the NASP 2020 domains of practice with those who will be writing letters.
  • It is not necessary to have letters of recommendation or support on letterhead.
  • If letters of support are more than two pages, the awards chairperson will determine which pages will be sent to the committee.

Essay Questions

  • These are long answer essay questions. Responses should be at or near the 1000-word limit. This is your opportunity to express to the rating committee what you do well and in a sense brag about yourself and your accomplishments—something that is hard for many of us to do!
  • Please include your name and the page number in the header or footer on your resume and essay questions.

Resume or Vita

  • Your resume/vita should reflect the knowledge and skills you possess as well as services you have provided to students, families, and schools in your career as a school psychologist. A full or complete resume/vita should be submitted as part of the nomination materials.
  • Please remember to include presentations you have made to a school staff, parent group, district staff, community members, etc. Include the topic, audience, and date of presentation.
  • Also remember to include articles you have written for school or district newsletters, your local newspaper, your state association newsletter, etc., when listing references for publications.


  • Please use a 1-inch left margin on all materials, so there is room to hole punch them for committee member notebooks.
  • Please do not send additional documents, books, etc. Any extra documents stay with the Awards chairperson and will not be shared with reviewers.