Minority Scholarship Program FAQs

Is this a need‑based scholarship?

While the scholarship is intended to relieve some of the financial burden on selected students, there are several criteria used by the Selection Committee to determine the best candidate.

What criteria does the Selection Committee most use in deciding on a worthy candidate?

All criteria are used for selecting the candidate. No one piece of information has greater value than another for the selection process.

Can I send any of my application materials after the deadline?

For obvious reasons of fairness to all applicants, your application will not be considered after the deadline for any reason. You are responsible for ensuring that your materials arrive on or before the deadline. Allow extra time for delivery to our office. The most reliable carriers for express delivery are UPS and FedEx. USPS Priority can take 2-3 extra days to reach our office.

Do I need to include official transcripts for ALL undergrad courses I have taken -OR- is it okay to include transcripts for coursework solely from the school that issued my undergrad degree?

You should include original transcripts for ALL undergraduate and graduate level coursework you have taken. Transfer credits are accepted without providing a transcript from the originating school ONLY IF the school name, course name/s, credit hours, and grade/s of the transferred courses are shown on a subsequent transcript of the school that accepted the transfer, and which will be included with your materials.

Will you accept alternative financial documents beyond the Student Aid Report (SAR)?

No. The SAR is required without exception.

When will the selection be made?

The selection will be made and award recipients notified by early December. Unselected applicants will be notified by late December.

How many awards are given each year, and for what amounts?

We award according to available funding, made possible through corporate and individual contributions. In the past we have gifted from 1-6 awards/year, at $5,000 each.

How do I determine whether I am a qualifying minority?

Generally, by the time you are of an age to apply for this scholarship, you and/or your guardian/s have affirmed your ethnicity on many legal forms (e.g., tax forms, school enrollment forms, insurance forms, etc). Qualifying minority categories for the NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship Program are listed under the Ethnic Definitions section. The four considered categories are 1—American Indian or Alaskan Native, 2—Asian and Pacific Islander, 3—Black, and 4—Hispanic. While there is no federal statute specifically regulating the use of racial, ethnic, or similar criteria under scholarship programs administered by private organizations, NASP has looked to the Federal government and their definitions of “minority” as our guideline since the inception of our program in 1995. Our categories follow the definitions and naming conventions of “minority” found in the Federal Acquisition Regulations 48 CFR 52.222-27, which are reflected in the Program‘s Ethnic Definitions section. To date the government has not changed its definition of “minority”.

Why are students enrolled in doctoral programs ineligible to apply for the scholarship?

The NASP-ERT Minority Scholarship Program was established in 1995 to support minority students who are at the initial entry point of the profession. In addition, institutional financial support for students seeking the specialist (or its equivalent) degree is not available at the level it is for doctoral studies. The NASP Minority Scholarship Program award is the only scholarship designed specifically for the specialist level students. Students in doctoral programs have multiple other sources/opportunities for financial support from universities, foundations, APA, federal and/or local grants, etc. The NASP-ERT MSP Committee supports and encourages students to seek the doctorate degree if they so desire. However, since this is the major scholarship source for specialist level students we remain committed to sponsoring scholarships at this level exclusively.

Is the scholarship available to students who do not attend NASP Approved School Psychology Programs?

The applicant must be enrolled in or accepted for enrollment in a school psychology program that is NASP-approved and/or located in an institution that is accredited by the appropriate institutional regional accrediting agency recognized by the U.S. Department of Education, with the aim of becoming a practicing School Psychologist

Can I still apply for the scholarship if I am an intern?

The scholarship is for the student undertaking coursework or internship beginning in the Fall term that follows the announcement of the award at the NASP Annual Convention. For example, if you apply for the scholarship which will be announced February 2023 at our Annual Convention, you will need to be engaged in your coursework or internship in Fall 2023, continuing to Spring 2024. Proof of the tuition obligation for the semesters in which the scholar is eligible to receive the award payments is required.

Do I need to be a US Citizen at the time I submit my application, or by the time of the selection?

Yes, you must be a US Citizen at the time you submit your application. Permanent Residency is insufficient.

Can you return my original copies to me?

Unfortunately, we are unable to return originals to you.