Volunteer Leadership Openings

NASP leadership is comprised of the Board of Directors, the Leadership Assembly, committees, boards, task forces and panels appointed to advance the work of the association. View an overview of the leadership structure and a list of committees and boards to learn more.

Generally, opportunities to join committees and boards are posted on the Member Exchange. Most positions are advertised in the spring, with appointments typically beginning July 1. Current openings are below:

Accessibility Task Force

At the June 2022 Board of Directors meeting, (then) President Klose approved the creation of an Accessibility Task Force to learn more about how members with disabilities interact with NASP resources and their overall experiences with the Association. The Accessibility Task Force is seeking members to serve a 1-year term. Applicants must be NASP members in good standing who identify as disabled and/or have expertise in disability studies. The Task Force will be intentionally created with attention to reflect the diversity of age, experience, gender, culture, and location. Applications are due October 3 and should be submitted to NASP President Celeste Malone. See full details, including the Want Ad and member interest survey, online.

At-Large Member for the NASP Publications Committee

The NASP Publications Committee is looking for one NASP member to serve a three-year term on the NASP Publications Committee. The person must be a NASP member in good standing, have interest in publishing, have a commitment to stay current in evidence-based practice of school psychology, and want to share their passion for innovation and growth with other likeminded professionals. At-large members are expected to attend all meetings, contribute to the development of new resources (e.g., provide feedback on plans for new book “Requests for Proposals,” provide suggestions for potential resource authors/reviewers, encourage authors to meet deadlines), and collaborate with other committees, as needed. Interested self-nominated NASP members may send a resume and cover letter indicating your qualifications to serve to Corey Lee, Publications Committee Co-Chair, coreyskyelee@gmail.com, by September 16, 2022.

National School Psychology Certification Board

The National School Psychology Certification Board (also known as the NCSP Board) is looking for up to two new members. Each Board member must be a NASP member in good standing and hold the NCSP. In addition, members should be part of the cadre of reviewers of NCSP portfolios and have done several reviews. Racially and ethnically minoritized candidates are strongly encouraged to apply. For complete details, please view the application form.