NASP Website User Policy for NASP Leaders

All NASP members have a login username and password to access services, resources, benefits, and their individual profiles on the NASP website. Further, login by elected and appointed NASP leaders, specified state association leaders, candidates in NASP elections, and designated others provides "leader access" to the NASP Leadership Tools webpage and to several additional, restricted services on the NASP website. Individuals who hold this leader access must keep their login information confidential and not transfer it to others; it is intended to be used solely by the person possessing the login.

Leadership Tools, as well as leader access to other restricted resources on the NASP website, allows users to obtain information and services intended only for NASP leaders and designated others and that may not be available publicly. Care must be taken to use the information and services for strictly appropriate and approved purposes (e.g., member recruitment and retention, work on behalf of the association's programs and services, review of governance materials for official purposes, etc.) and to respect the privacy of members. Leaders should contact the NASP President or Executive Director if they have questions about their planned use of the information and resources provided by leader access to the NASP website and on Leadership Tools.

Non-compliance with this website user policy for leaders will be referred to the NASP Board of Directors, which may utilize advisory, educative, remedial, or other procedures to address any concerns.