Elections - Conflict of Interest Policy

NASP places great importance on ensuring the continued confidence and trust of its members and the public at large. Among other things, and in that regard, NASP requires that any action taken by members of its Board of Directors, its Leadership Assembly, its officers, or its committee members be free from even the appearance of impropriety and free from any conflict of interest.

Specifically, NASP prohibits any NASP: (i) member of the Board of Directors; (ii) member of the Leadership Assembly; (iii) officer; (iv) committee member; or (v) staff person from participating in any decision-making process or approval of any ventures or activities that are sanctioned or sponsored by NASP and for which such individual may gain an economic benefit.

In addition, before recusing himself or herself from said decision-making process, the individual must fully disclose to NASP every and all economic benefit that the individual may expect to receive as a result of the venture or activity and must provide NASP's Executive Director and NASP's President with full copies of any contracts, agreements, or other documents with third parties that relate to such ventures or activities.

Adopted by the NASP Delegate Assembly, March 1 - 2, 2002, Chicago, IL Terminology updated July 2014, per amended Bylaws