NASP School Psychologist of the Year: Hints for Nominators and Candidates

The following information may be helpful to you in submitting nomination materials for the School Psychologist of the Year Award (SPY).

Letters of Support (4)

  • Ask a variety of people (students, teachers, colleagues, administrators, community support personnel, parents, etc.) to write letters of support. The committee prefers to see a variety of letter writers rather than all school personnel.
  • Letters of support should avoid repeating information in the candidate's resume/vita. They should, instead, focus on providing information about the skills this person has demonstrated as a school psychologist in these areas: leadership problem solving skills and abilities; interpersonal skills with colleagues, parents, children, and administrators; professional and ethical behavior, performing their job in an exemplary manner, earning the respect of others, and any of the domains of practice.
  • Descriptions of the domains of school psychology practice are located with the other award materials on the web as well as in the Standards for Training and Field Placement Programs in School Psychology that can be found on the NASP website. Please feel free to share the domain descriptions with those who will be writing letters.
  • It is not necessary to have letters of recommendation or support on letterhead.
  • If letters of support are more than two pages, the awards chairperson will determine which pages will be sent to the committee.

Essay Questions

  • These are long answer essay questions. Responses should be at or near the 1000-word limit. This is your opportunity to express to the rating committee what you do well and in a sense brag about yourself and your accomplishments—something that is hard for many of us to do!
  • Please include your name and the page number in the header or footer on your resume and essay questions.

Resume or Vita

  • Your resume/vita should reflect the knowledge and skills you possess as well as services you have provided to students, families, and schools in your career as a school psychologist. A full or complete resume/vita should be submitted as part of the nomination materials.
  • Please remember to include presentations you have made to a school staff, parent group, district staff, community members, etc. Include the topic, audience, and date of presentation.
  • Also remember to include articles you have written for school or district newsletters, your local newspaper, your state association newsletter, etc., when listing references for publications.


  • Please use a 1-inch left margin on all materials, so there is room to hole punch them for committee member notebooks.
  • Make sure the nominee is a NASP member or is willing to become a member for the fiscal year 2020–2021 (July 1, 2020 to June 30, 2021).
  • Incomplete files will not be reviewed. A file will be considered incomplete if one of the documents is missing, if the person is not a NASP member or does not meet the "who is eligible" guidelines. The nominee and nominator will be contacted if there are missing documents.
    • Nomination File should include the following to be considered complete: 1) Nominator & Candidate Contact Sheet; 2) Nomination Statement by state association president, NASP delegate, or presidential designee; 3) Candidate essay questions written by the candidate; 4) Candidate’s resume or vita; and 5) Four letters of support.
  • Please do not send additional documents, books, etc. Any extra documents stay with the Awards chairperson and will not be shared with reviewers.