Hints for LAA Nominators and Candidates

The following information may be helpful to you in submitting nomination materials for the Lifetime Achievement Award (LAA).

Letters of Support (4)

  • Letters of support should speak to a candidate's presentation as a role model for school psychologists and as an exemplary representative of the school psychology profession.
  • Letters of support should avoid restating information already provided in a candidate's vita.
  • Ask a variety of people (students, teachers, colleagues, administrators, community support personnel, parents, etc.) to write letters of support. The committee prefers to see a variety of letter writers rather than all school personnel.
  • It is not necessary to have letters of recommendation or support on letterhead.
  • If letters of support are more than two pages, the awards coordinator will determine which two pages will be sent to the committee.


  • Make sure the nominee is a NASP member or is willing to become a member for the 2020–2021 fiscal year.
  • Make sure the candidate meets the following criteria:
    • Has at least 25 years in the profession
    • Has been a NASP member for at least 20 years
    • Is a current NASP member for 2020–2021
    • Has 10 or more years as a NASP leader
  • Incomplete files will not be reviewed. A file will be considered incomplete if one of the documents is missing or if the person is not a NASP member or does not meet the eligibility guidelines. Nomination file should include the following to be considered complete: 1) Nominator & Candidate Contact Information Sheet; 2) Candidate's resume or vita; and 3) Four letters of support.