School Crisis: The PREPaRE Model, 2nd Ed

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S. Brock, A. Nickerson, M. Louvar Reeves, C. Conolly, S. Jimerson, R. Pesce, and B. Lazzaro

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How do you effectively promote school safety and address school crises? With a cohesive, multidisciplinary team and comprehensive plans.

From the groundbreaking PREPaRE training curriculum comes the second edition of School Crisis Prevention and Intervention: The PREPaRE Model. In this new edition, you will find specific recommendations for keeping schools safe and responding to crises.

Use this book in your school to:

  • Discover critical components of school safety and crisis response planning and training
  • Follow the latest federal guidance to develop comprehensive school emergency operations plans
  • Implement drills and exercises to practice on a regular basis
  • Effectively respond to crises and facilitate recovery and a return to learning through multitiered systems of support
  • Assess the traumatic potential of crisis events and the impact they have on individuals
  • Collaborate with community-based emergency response services
  • Support school staff with care-for-the-caregiver strategies

Topics added or reformulated in this new edition include specific guidance on:

  • Social media management
  • Student-parent reunification
  • Legal issues and confidentiality
  • Support for students with special needs or diverse cultural backgrounds
  • Memorial planning and activities

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This book is an excellent complement to PREPaRE workshop participation or as a standalone resource for school support staff who have not taken training. Visit the PREPaRE training curriculum section for more information.

PREPaRE Trainers: Before ordering this book, please call 866-331-NASP ext. 850 to get your trainer code.

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