Allies For All: LGBTQI2-S (Digital Edition)

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Compiled by Shelley R. Hart

As a school psychologist, you are charged with the task of bringing together individuals to support the needs of all students, particularly those in the LGBTQI2-S* community. Use this digital monograph with district leaders and parents to understand their experiences, address challenges, and effect change.

Compiled resources are broken into four parts:

  • Safe schools for LGBTQ youth;
  • Sexual development, gender development, and disclosure experiences;
  • Risks for sexual minority youth; and
  • Advocacy action steps.

Use the articles, research, and position papers in this compilation to:

  • Advocate for and create a safe, supportive school environment for LGBTQ youth in your district;
  • Communicate with parents and other support staff about transgender and gender-diverse youth;
  • Differentiate between biological sex and gender identity;
  • Learn from disclosure and diagnosis experiences of LGBTQ and intersex students;
  • Identify and address potential mental health concerns;
  • Assess suicide risk for sexual minority youth; and
  • Understand the prevalence of bullying and school victimization.

Sample Resource
Table of Contents

*In the above acronym, 2-S refers to Two-Spirit, referencing the Indigenous American culture with regards to gender identity.

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