NASP Passes Resolution Reaffirming Commitment to Promoting the Rights of All Students

NASP Passes Resolution Reaffirming Commitment to Promoting the Rights of All Students

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Bethesda, MD—The National Association of School Psychologists (NASP) is proud to sponsor School Psychology Awareness Week, November 14–18, 2016. This year’s theme, “Small Steps Change Lives,” highlights the importance of creating supportive learning environments that enable students to take steps socially, emotionally, behaviorally, and academically to thrive in school, at home, and throughout life.

As part of celebrating School Psychology Awareness Week, NASP leadership unanimously adopted a Resolution Affirming the Rights to Safe and Supportive Schools and Communities for All Students. Grounded in our professional standards and official policy, this resolution reaffirms that we are a nonpartisan organization with a commitment to advocating for the rights, well-being, and educational and mental health needs of ALL students, and to ensuring that all students attend schools and live in communities that are safe, supportive, and free of bullying, harassment, discrimination, and violence.

School psychologists play a critical role in creating safe, supportive, and successful learning environments. They have specific expertise in comprehensive school safety, mental and behavioral health, effective instruction, and student learning. School psychologists are uniquely positioned in schools to facilitate the development, delivery, and monitoring of prompt, effective, and culturally responsive services that improve social, emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes for all students.

The principles reiterated in this resolution guide the work of the Association and our advocacy regarding public policy and school practices. At their core, these principles recognize that diversity in all forms is fundamental to the human experience and is one of our nation’s greatest strengths. As such, it is imperative that diversity is respected. Every change in Administration and Congress offers an opportunity to explore new ideas and enhance existing policies and practices that improve children’s lives and learning. We are committed to working with President-Elect Trump, his Administration, members of Congress, and state and local decision-makers to establish school systems and communities that reflect and uphold these principles. In the immediate term, we urge President-Elect Trump and all of our nation’s leaders to strongly denounce attitudes and behaviors that put children and families—children’s most important source of security—at risk.

There is no more important endeavor than helping our children and youth become positive, productive, valued citizens. We start by making their safety and well-being an unequivocal priority no matter where they learn, play, and live. We look forward to uniting with our nation’s leaders to make this a reality.

NASP represents 25,000 school psychologists throughout the United States and abroad. NASP empowers school psychologists by advancing effective practices to improve students’ learning, behavior, and mental health.

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Kathy Cowan, Director of Communications