NASP Adopts Resolution Affirming Commitment to High-Quality Public Education for All Children and Youth

NASP Strongly Disagrees With the Trump Administration’s Decision to Rescind Federal Guidance Related to Civil Rights Protections for Transgender Students

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Bethesda, MD—As part of NASP's effort to ensure effective implementation of the Every Student Succeeds Act, NASP has adopted the "Resolution Affirming Commitment to High-Quality Public Education for All Children and Youth." Grounded in NASP professional standards and official policy, this resolution reaffirms NASP's commitment to advocate for a robust public school system that uphold the rights, well-being, and educational and mental health needs of ALL students in every community. The resolution also makes clear that NASP is opposed to any educational funding system that funnels public money to pre-K–12 schools that lack public accountability, require the loss or declination of rights afforded to students or families, or enable discriminatory practices.

School psychologists play a critical role in creating safe, supportive, and successful learning environments. They have specific expertise in effective instruction, student learning, mental and behavioral health, positive discipline, and student protections and rights. School psychologists are uniquely positioned in schools to facilitate the development, delivery, and monitoring of prompt, effective, and culturally responsive services that improve social, emotional, behavioral, and academic outcomes for all students.

The principles reiterated in this resolution guide the work of the Association and our advocacy regarding public policy and school practices. At their core, these principles recognize that the rights of all children and youth are to be equally respected regardless of their background, origins, beliefs, or personal characteristics and that all children and youth, regardless of where they live, should have access to a high-quality public education. Indeed, NASP strongly believes all students, including those with disabilities, are entitled to a free and appropriate public education in a positive and inclusive educational environment. NASP is committed to working with the Administration, members of Congress, and state and local decision-makers to establish public school systems that reflect and uphold these principles.

Maintaining a high-quality public education system is one of the greatest responsibilities of the United States and one of the wisest investments in our nation's future. We look forward to uniting with our nation's leaders to make this a reality.

NASP represents 25,000 school psychologists throughout the United States and abroad. NASP empowers school psychologists by advancing effective practices to improve students' learning, behavior, and mental health.

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