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School psychologists can provide expertise on issues facing schools and students such as learning disabilities, mental health issues, school safety and crisis prevention, and more. Members of the media should contact Katherine Cowan at 301-347-1665.

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MediaNASP Guidance for Ensuring Student Well-Being in the Context of the Chauvin Trial

 April 20, 2021

Bethesda, MD—The trial of Officer Derek Chauvin for the death of George Floyd has understandably captured our national attention and generated strong feelings for millions of people across the country. Regardless of the verdict, the issues involved have highlighted the extensive harm caused by systemic racism and police violence against people of color, particularly Black Americans, and, in so doing, has caused deep pain in many communities. While the case is legally focused on the specific actions of Officer Chauvin, the verdict will come in the context of many other instances of lethal police force against BIPOC individuals, including the recent killings of Duante Wright and Adam Toledo, as well as other recent hate crimes that have laid bare epidemic racism and White supremacy in America.


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