2nd Round Candidate Match for School Psychology Programs

To assist in efforts to address shortages in school psychology and best assure that qualified candidates have the opportunity to pursue school psychology graduate preparation, the NASP Graduate Education Committee has developed a 2nd Round Candidate Match process for school psychology programs.  This process will help connect potentially qualified graduate student candidates with school psychology programs that have remaining slots for incoming students in late spring through summer.

Programs may be listed for various reasons, including expanded capacity, offers made to students that accepted enrollment elsewhere, or a rolling admissions process that allows either flexible deadlines or application submissions throughout the year. Regardless, participation in this match does not change the rigor of the application process. Additionally, having a program listed does not guarantee future admission of additional students.

Programs that are willing to consider applicants through late Spring or early Summer and would like to be listed should contact Dr. Eric Rossen with the institution and degree program(s) with an opening, a contact name and email address, the website address for the program, and any additional relevant details or notes (e.g., end date for considering 2nd round applications). Programs should also inform NASP when the program should be removed from this list.  

Prospective students should contact programs individually to inquire about availability, timelines, logistics, and requirements to apply. Review a list of NASP-Approved Programs as well as the NASP Program Database to learn more information about the programs listed below.

Programs Participating in a 2nd Round Match

Arkansas State University (Specialist-level); accepting applicants on a rolling basis until cohort filled. Applications must go through the admissions office
Contact John Hall, Ph.D.; 870-972-3041

California State University Monterey Bay (Specialist-level) - will offer summer classes this year
Contacts: Cathi Draper Rodriguez, Ph.D.; Casey McPherson, Ph.D.

Castleton University (Specialist-level)  - Summer courses begin May 21st; Fall courses begin August 27th
Contact Shannon Newell, Ph.D.

Duquesne University (Doctoral-level; Psy.D only); applications will be considered until August 15 or cohort is filled. 
Contact Audrey Czwalga

Eastern University (Specialist-level); accepting applications through June 15
Contact Catherine Kunsch, Ph.D.

Gallaudent University (Specialist-level) 
Contact Tania Thomas-Presswood, Ph.D.; 202-651-5540

Gonzaga University (Specialist-level) - accepting applicants on a rolling basis until cohort filled
Contact Luke Cairney or Meg Martens, Graduate Admissions Office

Indiana University, Bloomington (Specialist-level) - accepting applicants until June 30
Contact Scott Bellini, Ph.D., HSPP

Indiana University of Pennsylvania (Specialist- and Doctoral-level)
Contact Courtney McLaughlin, Ph.D. for the Doctoral program; and Mark McGowan, Ph.D. for the Specialist-level program.

Marist College (Specialist-level) - applications will be reviewed until the cohort is filled
Contact Patrick O'Donnell, Psy.D.

Marshall University (Specialist-level)
Contact Lanai Jennings, Ph.D.

Middle Tennessee State University (Specialist-level) - must apply by August 1, 2018 for Fall 2018 consideration
Contact James O. Rust, Ph.D.

Montclair State University (Specialist-level) - Rolling admissions; accepting applications until all spots are filled.
Contact Jeremy Fox, Ph.D.

National Louis University (Specialist-level) - accepting applications through May 3
Contact Mark Shinn, Ph.D. or Jennifer Cooper, Ph.D.

New Mexico State University (Specialist-level) - accepting applications until cohort filled; part-time and full-time admission offered
Contact Elsa C. Arroyos, Ph.D., NCSP; 575-646-6589

Nova Southeastern University (Specailist-level and Doctoral-level) - accepting applications until cohort filled
Contact Angela Waguespack, Ph.D. or Sarah Valley-Gray, Psy.D. 

Rivier University (Specialist-level)
Contact Cheryl Maykel, Ph.D.

Rochester Institute of Technology (Specialist-level) - accepting applications until cohort filled
Contact Suzanne M. Bamonto, Ph.D.; 585-475-2765

St. Johns University (Specialist-level and Doctoral-level)
Contact Marlene Sotelo-Dynega, Psy.D.

Stephen F. Austin State University (Specialist- and Doctoral-level) - accepting applications until cohort filled
Contact Frankie Clark, Ph.D.

Texas Tech University (Specialist- and Doctoral-level) - Application reviews will continue until June 15, 2018. Decisions will be made by July 15, 2018. Doctoral program offers blended/hybrid coursework for working professionals already licensed/certified as school psychologists and practicing in the field.
Contact Tara Stevens, Ed.D. or Brook Roberts

University of Central Arkansas (Doctoral-program)
Contact Heather Martens, Ph.D.

University of Connecticut (Specialist- and Doctoral-level)
Contact Melissa Bray, Ph.D.

University of Detroit-Mercy
(Specialist-level) - 60% off tuition
Contact Sharla Fasko, Ph.D.; 419-340-7815 

University of Memphis (Specialist-level) - accepting applications through June 15
Contact Ms. Cynthia Walker, admissions secretary

University of Minnesota (Specialist- and Doctoral-level); submit application materials by May 15
Contact Amanda Sullivan, Ph.D.

University of Missouri-St. Louis (Specialist-level) - accepting applications until cohort filled
Contact Donald. A. Gouwens, Psy. D.; 314-516-4773   

University of Northern Colorado (Doctoral-level)
Contact David Hulac, Ph.D.

University of Tennessee at Chattanooga (Specialist-level) - accepting applications through June 1
Contact Pamela Guess, Ph.D.

University of Washington (Specialist-level); accepting applications through June 30 or until cohort is filled
Contact Janine Jones, Ph.D.

Valparaiso University (Specialist-level) - Afternoon/Evening classes; Rolling admissions
Contact Sara Golomb, Ph.D.

Wayne State University (Specialist-level) - accepting applications until cohort filled
Contact Cheryl Somers, Ph.D.; 313-577-1670

West Texas A&M University (Specialist-level) - accepting applications until cohort filled
Contact Kenneth Denton, Ph.D.

Western Carolina University (Specialist-level) - accepting applications through July 1, 2018
Contact Candace Boan-Lenzo, Ph.D.; 828-227-3451

William James College (Specialist- and Doctoral-level) - Slots also open in Advanced Standing PsyD Program. Rolling admissions, and afternoon/evening classes available.
Contact Jason Kaplan, Ph.D.