PREPaRE 3rd Edition Curriculum

The third edition of the PREPaRE curriculum is now available. Completely revised and updated, the third edition curriculum provides current research and strategies for integrated school safety and crisis prevention, planning, response, and recovery efforts. All workshops include extensive resources and practical tools. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the third edition training of trainers workshops release has been delayed. We hope to release training of trainer workshops in late fall 2020. We strongly encourage current second edition trainers to upgrade.

The curriculum involves two core workshops and two corresponding training of trainer workshops. Read the summaries of each workshop here.

Please note: NASP is making temporary modifications to the 3rd Edition of PREPaRE to allow for virtual delivery of the core workshops due to the outbreak of COVID-19. Click here for the full announcement. 
Individuals who have completed third edition workshops can access their certificates of completion and workshop materials through your account in the PREPaRE Online Catalog. You can also access your workshop materials directly here using your NASP account login.

Information for Workshop Sponsors

PREPaRE third Edition workshops may only be conducted by approved third edition trainers. For a list of approved trainers and to request hosting a PREPaRE third Edition core workshop, please contact the PREPaRE Coordinator at You can access the third edition materials order form here.  

A number of components of the third edition must be completed online through the PREPaRE Third Edition Online Catalog. Internet access is required during the workshop and participants are required to have an Internet connective device, ideally a laptop or tablet. Once a workshop request has been approved and payment received, workshop participants are required to enroll in the workshop online and complete pre-workshop requirements prior to the workshop. Access the PREPaRE Third Edition Sponsor Checklist here.

Requests and orders for workshops must be received 4 weeks before the desired date(s) of the workshop(s).

Note. All second edition workshops must be completed before June 30, 2021. Second edition workshops will no longer be offered after this date. To host a second edition workshop, identify your second edition trainer(s) here and use our second edition order form

Information for Current Second Edition Trainers

Second edition workshops will only be permitted until June 2021. To maintain trainer status and provide third edition workshops, PREPaRE second edition trainers must purchase virtual trainer upgrade sessions for each workshop by December 2020 and complete the course before it expires. The online upgrade modules are available now.

For information regarding purchase of the Workshop 1 or Workshop 2 trainer upgrades and The PREPaRE Model Mastery Test click here.

For Individuals Seeking to Become Trainers 

Individuals trained in second edition core workshops will be able to take an online webinar to become eligible to take third edition ToT workshops. We are working on rolling out the ToT workshops under these circumstances. More information on other ToT opportunities will be posted later this fall. 

Districts and other sponsors interested in hosting third edition ToT workshops in the FY 21 school year should contact the NASP PREPaRE Coordinator at

For Third Edition Workshop Participants

Workshop participation is only accessible by invitation from workshop sponsors (e.g., NASP, a school district, other organizations). Participants receive by email an invitation with a direct link to their specific workshop(s). If you think you should be participating in a workshop and have not received an invitation, please contact your workshop sponsor.

Once you receive the link via email, participants must enroll in the PREPaRE online system via this specific link before the workshop date(s) and complete the workshop requirements. Enrolling requires a NASP account. If you have a NASP account, you will be asked to log in using your existing account. If you do not have a NASP account, please create one.

Workshop participation requires bringing an Internet connective device, ideally a laptop or tablet, to the workshop.

Individuals who have completed third edition workshops can access their certificates of completion and workshop materials through your account in the PREPaRE Online Catalog. You can also access your workshop materials directly here.

The PREPaRE Model

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