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Student Leader Testimonials

Interested in being a Student Leader? Hear what some leaders have to say about their experiences!

"Not only does being a Student Leader look great on a vitae or a resume, but it shows others that you take your job seriously and are committed to advancing the field."
Elise Robeson, MA
University of Missouri – Columbia

"Being a NASP Student Leader inspired me to become more involved in School Psych Week."
Christina L. Castelin
Auburn University

"Being a Student Leader has introduced me to more school psychologists in the state, through my state association and conferences."
Laura Schussler
University of Maryland - College Park

"The Student Leader program gives me the opportunity to take a leadership role on events and cultivate new ways to promote the field."
Liz Vail
Northeastern University

"Advocating for the field of School Psychology is a passion for me, and representing my university as a Student Leader is a wonderful outlet for that passion!"
Maria Daesch
University of Missouri - St. Louis

"As a NASP Student Leader, I created an e-mail list that I used to share information with the students in my program."
Jessica Koon, MS
Kingsport City Schools

"The Student Leader program is a great opportunity that can help an individual grow personally by learning a lot about his/her own abilities."
Drew Anders
Rowan University