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NASP Student Leader Program

NASP recruits Student Leaders (SL) from school psychology training programs to increase communication between graduate students and NASP. The program helps expand NASP student resources, supports existing local student organizations, and provides an opportunity for graduate students to get more involved.

Get Involved

The Student Leader program is a great learning experience that can help graduate students network with their peers and other professionals in the field. The program also provides an avenue for future involvement in NASP leadership.

Position Responsibilities

  • Send monthly e-mails to fellow students in your program about NASP activities. Draft text will be provided to make this quick and easy to do.
  • Become a member and personally encourage your fellow students to join NASP. You can distribute membership brochures and applications or request printed copies at students@naspweb.org to make it even easier.
  • Develop and participate in School Psychology Awareness Week activities in the fall using suggestions provided or your own ideas.
  • Encourage your fellow students to attend the NASP Annual Convention.
  • Develop and participate in school psychology advocacy activities in the spring utilizing suggestions provided or ideas from those in your program.
  • Participate in conversations or moderate discussions in the NASP Online Communities.
  • Contribute to NASP printed and online student resources, including the Student Connections column in Communiqué, fact sheets, and podcasts (optional).
  • Become involved with the NASP Annual Convention by volunteering at the Student Information Center, attending the Annual Student Leader Meeting, and presenting on Student Development Workgroup panels (optional).

Time Commitment

The time commitment is variable and dependent on each SLs level of involvement. More time is required for SLs who choose to moderate the NASP Communities; participate in outreach activities; write, edit, or gather information for fact sheets and Student Connections articles; and attend the NASP Annual Convention.

Sign Up Today

The Student Leader term begins on July 1 and runs through June 30. Check to see if your program already has a Student Leader. If not, work with your faculty sponsor to sign up by filling out the nomination form! Current Student Leaders are welcome to serve another year with faculty sponsor approval. E-mail students@naspweb.org if you would like to continue. Student membership in NASP is required to fulfill this role.