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Graduate Student Ideas for School Psychology Awareness Week

Focus: Helping students strengthen positive relationships and increase positive connections.

November 14-18, 2011

School Psychology Awareness Week is a great opportunity for graduate students to promote the field of school psychology and celebrate their training experiences. As a future school psychologist, you can share with others why you chose to enter this vibrant field as well as your experiences as a graduate student. By organizing presentations at a local high school or undergraduate psychology program, you can provide useful information about the field to students who may have otherwise been unaware of this special niche within schools.

The theme for School Psychology Awareness Week this year is, "Every link matters. Make a connection." This is a great opportunity to highlight the profession, your role, and the value of school psychological services. The following list of ideas is to help graduate students communicate this theme during this special week and throughout the year. Feel free to use any of these ideas or create your own.

  • Display the "Every Link Matters. Make a Connection." Poster: The poster enclosed in the October issue of Communiqué is an easy way to convey this key message to your university and/or school(s). Print posters and take them to local universities and/or community colleges to let students know about the profession.
  • Do a School Psychology Career Presentation: Download the School Psychology: A Career That Makes A Difference PowerPoint presentation and promote school psychology as a career to undergraduates at your university, or at a local high school.
  • Distribute Brochures: Bring NASP School Psychology: A Career That Makes A Difference brochures to your local high school, university, or community career center; school counselors at your practicum site(s); and/or advisors in the undergraduate psychology program at your university. 
  • Raise Awareness About School Psychological Services: Target teachers at your practicum site or in training at your university by presenting to an education class, using the PowerPoint "What is a School Psychologist? A Guide for Teachers-in-Training."; Distribute the NASP handout “What Is a School Psychologist?” or post a list in the teachers' lounge of services that school psychologists provide.
  • Inform Students About NASP: Do a presentation to new students in your program about NASP, hand out membership forms, and describe some of the resources NASP offers to students.
  • Practicum Students: Offer to help your supervisor/mentor with their School Psychology Awareness Week activity or ask them if you can do a presentation within your area of expertise for teachers and/or students at your internship site(s).
  • Join NASP Advocacy Efforts: Take a moment to advocate for children, families, and the profession. Visit the NASP Advocacy Action Center and send a message to Congress, the Administration, or your state policy makers. The process is simple—the e-mail text is already provided for you! You can also click "Tell-A-Friend" and enter the e-mail addresses of fellow students, professors, or friends who can use this site to take action on important educational or mental health issues.
  • Say Thank You: Let advisors, professors, or classmates know how much you appreciate their help and support. You can download, personalize, and print NASP notecards or send an e-postcard for a more fun, colorful message.
  • Connect Students: Organize a "School Psychology Awareness Week" get together with all the students in your program. This is a great opportunity to bridge the gap between beginning and advanced students in the program. It also gives beginning students the opportunity to ask questions about the program and learn from your experience.
  • Organize a Fundraiser: Create a fundraiser (e.g., bake sale, 5K walk, party) and raise money for school-based mental health services or school psychology student organizations. Use the fundraiser as an opportunity to hand out brochures about school psychology and the importance of school-based mental health services.
  • Have fun! Team up with your fellow students and start planning now! Be sure to share your ideas and experiences on the NASP Student online Community.

If you have any questions, need NASP brochures, or would like more information about student-related School Psychology Awareness Week activities, please contact students@naspweb.org.