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NASP Student Fact Sheets and Resource Materials

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Prepare for Your Internship and First Job

  • Doctoral Training in School Psychology: Navigating the Internship and Application Process
  • Bringing Your Vita to Life: Preparing for Internship & Early Career Positions
  • Best Practice Guidelines for School Psychology Internships
  • Developing Your Professional Portfolio: Work Samples and Resumes
  • Selecting a School Psychology Internship: Tips for Graduate Students
  • Successful Interviewing - Securing a School Psychology Internship
  • Making Your Internship Successful: Tips for Culturally and Linguistically Diverse Graduate Students

Get Involved

Achieve Success in Your Program

  • Writing for Success: A Student Guide for Navigating Uncharted Waters
  • Successfully Navigating School-Based Training Experiences: A Guide for Graduate Students
  • Specializing Within Your Training: Make the Most of Your Coursework, Electives, and Fieldwork
  • Staying on Top of Graduate Research Projects
  • Applying for Grants and Fellowships
  • Funding Opportunities for Graduate Students

Become a Nationally Certified School Psychologist

  • Recommendations, References, and Study Tips for The PRAXIS II Exam in School Psychology
  • Applying for the NCSP: Tips for Graduate Students

Get Advice on Career Decisions