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From: Bonnie Nastasi [mailto:bonnastasi@yahoo.com]
Sent: Saturday, February 20, 2010 1:51 PM
To: Harrison, Patti
Subject: Letter from President Division 16


The Division of School Psychology was able to successfully negotiate the following language, passed by the APA’s Council of Representatives (CoR) today 2/20/2010. This language acknowledges that State Education Agencies credential and title practitioners who work in the schools (that may or may not hold a doctoral degree) and acknowledges that State Boards of Psychology credentials practitioners for independent practice (where a doctoral degree is required).

Nothing in this act shall be construed to prevent (cite relevant state education authority or statutory provisions) from credentialing individuals to provide school psychological services in those settings that are under the purview of the state education agency.  Such individuals shall be restricted in their practice and the use of the title so conferred, which must include the word "school", to employment within those settings.
This provision is not intended to restrict the activities of licensed psychologists.

We are proud of the leadership of our CoR representatives, Cindy Carlson, Frank Worrell, Beth Doll and MLA Task Force Liaisons, Deborah Tharinger, Randy Kamphaus and Tammy Hughes, as well as the support from Steve DeMers from ASPPB on behalf of the school psychology community.  


Bonnie K. Nastasi, PhD
President, Division 16, APA
Associate Professor
Department of Psychology
2007 Percival Stern Hall
Tulane University
New Orleans, LA 70118