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NASP Ethics Advisory Panel

The Ethics Advisory Panel serves as a resource for the Ethical and Professional Practices Committee. The President of the Association, as well as the EPP Committee, may call upon members of the EAP to provide opinions and guidance in matters of professional and ethical practice, or to serve as members of Independent Appeals Committees for the adjudication of ethical complaints. EAP members are appointed by the NASP President for a five year term and may be reappointed.

Ethics Advisory Panel Members

Andrea Canter (1/11)
Arthur Hernandez (1/11)
Barbara Williams (1/11)
Beth Doll (1/11)
Brian J. Bartels (4/11)
Daniel Reschly (1/11)
David Shriberg (1/11)
Deborah Crockett (1/11)
Elliot Davis (1/11)
Fred Grossman (1/11)
Gene Cash (1/11)
Jim Batts (1/11)

Joe Prus (1/11)
John Jones (1/11)
Julie Staresnick (1/11)
Karen O'Brien (1/11)
Kathleen McNamara (1/11)
Lynne Thies (1/11)
Max McFarland (1/11)
Monica  Oganes Murray (1/11)
Nicole Dailor (1/11)
Patti  Harrison (1/11)
Peg Dawson (1/11)
Shirley Pitts (1/11)