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  • A Control-Group Comparison of Two Reading Fluency Programs: The Helping Early Literacy With Practice Strategies (HELPS) Program and the Great Leaps K-2 Reading Program (SPR Article)
  • An Examination of the Relation of Nonsense Word Fluency Initial Status and Gains to Reading Outcomes for Beginning Readers (SPR Article)
  • Assisting Low-Performing Readers With a Group-Based Reading Fluency Intervention (SPR Article)
  • Behavior Problems in Learning Activities and Social Interactions in Head Start Classrooms and Early Reading, Mathematics, and Approaches to Learning (SPR Article)
  • Curriculum-Based Measurement of Oral Reading: An Evaluation of Growth Rates and Seasonal Effects Among Students Served in General and Special Education (SPR Article)
  • Curriculum-Based Measurement of Oral Reading: Standard Errors Associated With Progress Monitoring Outcomes From DIBELS, AIMSweb, and an Experimental Passage Set (SPR Article)
  • Early Intervention Programs That Address Reading and Behavior Difficulties (Communiqué Article)
  • Effectiveness and Efficiency of Flashcard Drill Instructional Methods on Urban First-Graders' Word Recognition, Acquisition, Maintenance, and Generalization (SPR Article)
  • Effects of the Helping Early Literacy with Practice Strategies (HELPS) Reading Fluency Program When Implemented at Different Frequencies (SPR Article)
  • Examining Readability Estimates’ Predictions of Students’ Oral Reading Rate: Spache, Lexile, and Forcast (SPR Article)
  • Gender Differences in Early Literacy: Analysis of Kindergarten through Fifth-Grade Dynamic Indicators of Basic Early Literacy Skills Probes (SPR Article)
  • Identifying Children in Middle Childhood Who Are at Risk for Reading Problems (SPR Article)
  • Kindergarten Classroom Quality, Behavioral Engagement, and Reading Achievement (SPR Article)
  • Long-Term Diagnostic Accuracy of Curriculum-Based Measures in Reading and Mathematics (SPR Article)
  • Oral Reading Fluency as a Predictor of Reading Comprehension With American Indian and White Elementary Students (SPR Article)
  • Predictive Accuracy of Nonsense Word Fluency for English Language Learners (SPR Article)
  • Prereading Deficits in Children in Foster Care (SPR Article)
  • Reading and the Whole Student
  • Reading Fluency as a Predictor of Reading Proficiency in Low-Performing, High-Poverty Schools (SPR Article)
  • Reading Instruction That Works: The Case for Balanced Teaching, 3rd Edition (Book Review) (Communiqué Article)
  • Reading Interest Group
  • School Psychologists and Student Reading Achievement (Communiqué Article)
  • Teacher Judgments of Students’ Reading Abilities Across a Continuum of Rating Methods and Achievement Measures (SPR Article)
  • Using Nonsense Word Fluency to Predict Reading Proficiency in Kindergarten Through Second Grade for English Learners and Native English Speakers (SPR Article)