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Curriculum-Based Measurement

  • A Longitudinal Examination of the Diagnostic Accuracy and Predictive Validity of R-CBM and High-Stakes Testing (SPR Article)
  • An Exploratory Validation of Curriculum-Based Mathematical Word Problem-Solving Tasks as Indicators of Mathematics Proficiency for Third Graders (SPR Article)
  • CBM Data and Decision Making in RTI Contexts: Addressing Performance Variability (Communiqué Article)
  • Comparison of Grade-Level Controlled and Literature-Based Maze CBM Reading Passages (SPR Article)
  • Curriculum Based Measurement: Reading Administration and Scoring
  • Curriculum-Based Measurement of Oral Reading: An Evaluation of Growth Rates and Seasonal Effects Among Students Served in General and Special Education (SPR Article)
  • Curriculum-Based Measurement of Oral Reading: Standard Errors Associated With Progress Monitoring Outcomes From DIBELS, AIMSweb, and an Experimental Passage Set (SPR Article)
  • Effects of Reading Curriculum-Based Measurement (R-CBM) Teacher Feedback in General Education Classrooms (SPR Article)
  • Evaluating Curriculum-Based Measurement Slope Estimates Using Data From Triannual Universal Screenings (SPR Article)
  • Examining Readability Estimates’ Predictions of Students’ Oral Reading Rate: Spache, Lexile, and Forcast (SPR Article)
  • Interpretations of Curriculum-Based Measurement Outcomes: Standard Error and Confidence Intervals (SPF Article)
  • Long-Term Diagnostic Accuracy of Curriculum-Based Measures in Reading and Mathematics (SPR Article)
  • New and Existing Curriculum-Based Writing Measures: Technical Features Within and Across Grades (SPR Article)
  • Short-Term Estimates of Growth Using Curriculum-Based Measurement of Oral Reading Fluency: Estimating Standard Error of the Slope to Construct Confidence Intervals (SPR Article)
  • The Utility of CBM Written Language Indices: An Investigation of Production-Dependent, Production Independent, and Accurate-Prediction Scores (SPR Article)
  • Using CBM as an Indicator of Decoding, Word Reading, and Comprehension: Do the Relations Change With the Grade (SPR Article)
  • Validation and Decision Accuracy of Early Numeracy Skill Indicators (SPR Article)