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Mental Health Awareness Month and Speak Up for Kids

May is National Mental Health Awareness Month. This is a great time to highlight the importance of mental wellness and school-based mental health services to children's positive learning and development. NASP members can get ideas and resources for promoting children's mental health awareness here.


NASP Partners With Speak Up for Kids Campaign

NASP is a contributing partner in the Child Mind Institute's Speak Up for Kids campaign to protect and promote children's mental health. As part of a series of marquee events throughout the month of May, NASP experts, Melissa Reeves, John Kelly, and Dan Florell will present a webinar, School Mental Health Services: Improving School Safety and Ensuring Student Wellness, on May 8, 9:00 a.m. EDT. Visit the campaign's website for additional information and to utilize the topical resources from NASP and other partner groups.

School Psychologists Provide Essential School Mental Health Services

Mental health services provided in schools should be appropriate to the learning environment and support the mission and purpose of schools; those that are not risk being ineffective or even counterproductive. School psychologists play an essential role in the provision of quality, evidence-based services. We have specialized training in child development, mental health, learning, and school systems. Our unique expertise lies in how these elements interact to shape children's behavior, learning, and overall adjustment.

Children's mental health matters. Early identification and support can transform lives.

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